Online Yoga Teacher Singapore

Do you want to refine your alignment and techniques of yoga? Are you looking for a progressive and safe practice to encourage you to get there? Is learning the personalized yoga sequence at home your desire? Get all answers to your questions at Easylore!!

We are the leading name in providing online yoga classes according to the learner's preferences. Approach us to experience the union of body, breath and mind from our Private Yoga Class in Singapore.  

Easylore has experienced and professional yoga tutors online who have common principles of being responsive, compassionate, research, and listening to all lesson plans for a particular student. Every yoga program is customized keeping the objective, needs, body condition, and level of all. Get in touch with us to know how we make a difference!

How Online Yoga Classes Singapore is beneficial for you?

A home yoga instructor Singapore who can personalize or tailor courses according to your requirements gives you different insights regarding yoga. With the yoga classes online at-home comfort, you are freeing yourself from traffic and the inconvenience of being late. Accordingly, you will be more focussed and stay in the right state before starting the class. 

Once you are in the right state of mind, you will have a more fulfilling journey to seek inner peace. Don't forget, through regular yoga practice, a healthier lifestyle will also be waiting for you! Check out the benefits of yoga personal trainer online below:

Suitable location, time, and day

The personal yoga trainer Singapore authorizes you to schedule the lessons according to the preferred time, location and day.

Professional yoga instructors

Every instructor listed with the yoga classes Singapore is skilled and well-equipped with the knowledge. They are certified from the schools acknowledged by the Yoga Alliance. 

Customized needs

The learners can choose the areas they want to focus on. Like, you can either focus on practice or weakness or you can practice new yoga postures or poses.

One to one attention

It implies you don't have to struggle on keeping up with others. We know that in group courses, due to time constraints, the tutor cannot help every student. Nevertheless, by choosing the yoga personal trainer online, your attention will be completely focused on you. It implies that your possibilities of progressing faster will be higher.

One on One Private Yoga Class in Singapore

In the past few years, the demand for yoga has further increased. There are many centres opened across the country. For yoga instructor Singapore, this may be good news, but some yogis may not be satisfied with it. Many yoga learners don't like to practice yoga in large groups; their preference is more in-home yoga online.

If you also prefer the same, then, Easylore is here to help! We provide one to one yoga sessions for beginners, advanced learners and also for those who have therapeutic necessities. The beauty of private classes is that you can be yourself and get the full attention of your yoga tutor and do the required poses. Easylore believes that everyone can integrate yoga into their lifestyle by introducing the thoughtful guidance and self-awareness of the instructor. 

We connect you with the right match from our team of professional yoga tutors online. The connection will be according to the health requirements and the demanded class schedule. Our learning platform has many yoga instructors who are different in their own ways, some are experienced in meditative and some are more physiology-oriented. 

Also, they have their own teaching styles and can carry out the familiar approach in some yoga styles. Various styles of yoga play an essential role in its purpose and practice. 

Our extensive yoga personal trainer online method

If you have health problems or want to reach specific fitness goals by including yoga in your lifestyle, then choose Easylore. Our extensive approach to yoga practices is customized according to learner's expectations and needs. Below are the main requests we look after into:

  • Strengthen stamina, flexibility and vitality

  • Pain relief for shoulder, back, neck, and past injuries

  • Improve physical and mental health

  • Generate unique yoga treatments for high blood pressure, diabetes, and anxiety, etc.

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Our goal is to share the health benefits of kids yoga online with all those who are interested in yoga, like, back pain yoga, yoga therapy, prenatal yoga, yoga for the elderly, children yoga, weight loss yoga, Ashtanga yoga, hatha yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Anu Sara Yoga, etc.

In less than a year, our personal yoga tutor Singapore database has grown more, and regularly, we are providing services to customers in various regions of Singapore. We intended to share the love of yoga with everyone from all walks of life. 

Allow us to plan and guide you on the suitable yoga tutor and best practice style for your health needs!