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Searching for a comprehensive way for taekwondo lessons? Do you want to include core values, like, hard work, discipline, respect, and goal setting? Easylore is here! We offer Taekwondo lessons from the Taekwondo Tutors in Singapore. 

As a martial art form, taekwondo is based on several principles that streamline individual lifestyles. Considering the growing capabilities, taekwondo classes for kids enable them to learn, respect, and develop concentration. The fun and self-control are strengthened in their exciting and fun classes. The taekwondo classes from Easylore teach the varied and exciting Taekwondo techniques with essential lessons on how to consider them in an appropriate and safe way. 

Taekwondo Tutors in Singapore

Certainly, Taekwondo is known as the philosophy of self-defense to create its origins in Korea. It is also recognized as one of the contemporary forms of martial arts, from 2000 ancient years before. Several may want to understand the rationale of this name. Generally, Taekwondo was chosen for its particular description of art; Tae (foot), Kwon (hand), Do (art). Additionally, it is also known as Tae Kwon Do; it includes the general movements of hands and feet- for the purpose of self-defense. 

The student learns Taekwondo forms, also termed as patterns, that strengthen the imagination and memory, two major features of brain development of students of the defined age group. Also, they learn their energy to more constructive activities. The online taekwondo tutors in Singapore learn to channel their energy to more constructive pursuits. It not only supports the student to strengthen the skills and physical ability with the refinement of the Taekwondo techniques. 

The classes are fun, energetic, and fast-paced. The Singapore taekwondo classes focus more on respect, self-discipline, concentration, mental strength, and focus. When it is about Taekwondo, the first impression is that it is solely and wholly related to martial arts.  

Interesting facts of Taekwondo

Taekwondo is the most valued and systematic Korean conventional martial arts. This art form fits more in common physical fighting capabilities. It is a discipline that reflects how one can improve mindfulness and spirituality with the training of mind and body. Nowadays, it has converted to a global remarkable sport that has earned global positions and reputations as a certain game in the Olympics. In addition to the science of fighting for self-defense purposes, the learners are ranked as per the varied belt colors. Below are the belt ranks for Taekwondo: 

  • No Belt (You begin without a belt and after getting the first belt, you are granted a white belt consequently)
  • Yellow Belt
  • White Belt
  • Orange
  • Purple
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Red White
  • Brown
  • Red
  • Black White Belt
  • High Red White
  • High Black White Belt

Online Taekwondo Tutors in Singapore

The online taekwondo tutors are full-time specialist Taekwondo practitioners. They are more skilled and have developed the credentials illustrious list- we have tutors who are certified and experienced. The different backgrounds of the tutors make the tutors acquainted with a different culture. Even though they all have a similar passion and goal- to present the skills of taekwondo so that the learners can reap and enjoy the Taekwondo benefits. 

The aim of nurturing the love and interest for support, despite the gender or age, is the capability to motivate and interact with the learners, yet making the practice fun. The team of tutors with different influences and teaching styles has the proven formula that converts the classes engaging yet intense. Despite the learning ability and skill level, our tutors also include the teaching strategies to cater to learners to enable the individual to learn and keep up in an interactive environment.

The best Taekwondo tutors in Singapore are available here

Clear the exams, understand the new skills, raise the grades with the assistance of well-versed taekwondo tutors. Post the learning requirements and allow the tutors to get connected with you. Connect and book the tutor and raise self-esteem. 

How Easylore is the right choice for Taekwondo Private Lessons

If you like to have one-to-one and personal tutoring by Easylore then, you can master it with the tutors. The online lessons are identical to the three regular classes. The tutors here also customize the lesson plans according to individual needs. We also have a versatile experience to meet your busy schedule. We evaluate and assists you in fulfilling your goals, from our taekwondo classes, you can:

  • increase strength, endurance, and flexibility 
  • lose weight
  • grow in self-confidence
  • determine self-defense methods
  • gain greater harmony and peace 

If you are looking for "taekwondo classes near me", then, choose us!

The one-to-one or individual or private Taekwondo classes are highly beneficial who need additional assistance while focusing. After a few online lessons, the students are generally ready to go to the conventional children's program. We personalize the programs for the students to give them the individual training they require.

In the online classes, we provide individual training to improve or work on new martial arts methods. The sessions or classes are particularly designed to mold every individual and curriculum to adapt to all individual needs. The student who requires assistance in improving the method they currently know or for learners who have never used any other martial art, this taekwondo class will assist in gaining knowledge, body control, the flexibility of various techniques. The methods we concentrate on in these sessions include stances, blocks, kicks, etc.

Any Query?

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