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Learning swimming is an exciting experience,  but finding the right tutor is indeed a challenge.  Easylore is here to take out your stress and search for a suitable swimming instructor based on your preferences. 

The professionals at our learning platform assure that the students learn efficiently and unleash their swimming potential considering safety in mind. The private swimming coaches are perfect in CPR, advanced life-saving techniques and first aid.  They also provide swimming lessons for all ages, at preferred locations and time.

Beneficial Swimming Lessons in Singapore 

Few sports are as complete as swimming. It does not matter whether it is an opportunity to be lulled by the sea waves or a regular appointment to train the muscles and increase endurance. 

Swimming is good for the body and mind and is an activity within everyone's reach, children and the elderly. It is an opportunity to spend time with friends, a moment of leisure after a hard day at the office, or a sport to be practised at a competitive level. 

Swimming takes on a different meaning for each of us. It is not limited to being a leisure sport; knowing how to swim can be vital if you find yourself in a dangerous situation. Generally, it is a physical activity with countless health benefits, also ideal for keeping fit even over the years. Here, you will find some of the positive effects of swimming; strengthening the cardiovascular system, swimming activates the circulation and strengthens the circulatory system, thereby improving the immune system. 

It is an undemanding but consistent workout that strengthens the heart and reinforces lung capacity. It develops muscles- the "fight" that our body makes when faced with water pressure, strengthens the muscles. 

As compared to other sports, swimming affects all parts of the body and trains the muscle structure. It improves endurance and breathing- as in other endurance disciplines, even with swimming, you can gain greater awareness of your breathing and increase lung capacity. Also, swimming relaxes tendons, joints, and the spine. In water, the force of gravity decreases, which is why joints, tendons, and ligaments have to bear less pressure. 

In this way, the torso muscles are strengthened, while the shoulders and back are relaxed and stretched. Water communicates a sense of peace and tranquillity to most men and hence, reduces stress. Swimming frees the mind, forgets everyday life problems, and focuses solely on the training in progress. As happens in all sports, our body releases endorphins, the so-called "happiness hormone", even during a swim.

So, if you are looking for the best choice to learn swimming lessons, then Easylore is the word for you. We have certified, passionate, and experienced instructors that use proven teaching methods for effective learning. We keep swimming lessons' cost affordable and assure that all learners can get benefits and learn swimming correctly. 

Our tutors provide safe, comfortable, practical and useful swimming courses for interested students. We offer swimming lessons for children of all ages in private and public pools (like apartment pools). You can choose swimming lessons in public/private pools according to your preferences.

Why Choose Easylore's Private Swim Coaches?

From our years of teaching experience in providing swimming training to extensive students, we continuously evaluate and improve teaching methods to assure adequate, safe and enjoyable learning.

Easylore Private Swimming Courses are based on the mission and vision of pursuing excellence and dedication. We strive to surpass our love of swimming by encouraging more people in the community to enjoy this lifelong skill. We are committed to providing swimming courses with consistent results and excellent value in Singapore, from the team which is passionate about learning and people.

Easylore assures that every course is quantifiable so that the parents can track their children's physical development while they are learning to swim. They might be at the stage of learning water confidence, picking the swimming strokes, and understanding the water survival skills. However, the parents can examine their child's performance and know the worth of their paying.


Specific and skill-based learning from the private swimming instructors helps the students to learn quickly.


We apply the goals planned with the client before the swimming lesson and are designed for everyone.


The student's progress can be tracked from the measurements, like speed, timing, and 



We always assure that the aims set for every swimming class are achievable and realistic for all learners.

1-to-1 Swimming Lessons by qualified swimming coaches 

Our dedicated and experienced swimming coaches give one to one swimming sessions to assure learners are getting the best learning experience. We regularly update the coaches for advanced swimming methods and consistent training; also send them for training to further improve their skills. This is how we assure that all our students have a good learning experience and fun at the same time.

Whether you want to seek private or group swimming lessons for yourself or your child in your preferred pool, we are here to help.

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