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Our Slovak Tutors do not expect the students to have knowledge of the Slovak language. The first and foremost thing which is important to learn the language for the learners is to understand the language basics. General dialogue assists you in learning the Slovak language efficiently and quickly. We are here to support you and present to you in stimulating the current knowledge. Enroll now with us and start learning now!

Slovak Tutors Online Singapore

Majorly, the Slovak language is spoken in Slovakia which relates to the  West Slavic division of the Indo-European language family. Also, this language is spoken to a lesser degree in Bulgaria and Croatia. 

Many other dialects in the Slovak language and are categorized into three major groups; Western, Central, and Eastern. The division of the dialects is on the basis of the geographical location where they are accepted. Indeed, it is linked closely to Czech.   As many words are the same in both languages they are intelligible mutually. 

In addition to Czech, several other languages have affected the growth of the Slovak language, most importantly, Hungarian, Polish, and German.  This language is written with Latin alphabets, though with some variation only. Moreover, with the 26 Latin alphabets, it uses 20 additional letters to symbolize the digraphs and diacritic. 

The notable feature of the Czech and Slovak language which is not discovered in other Slavic languages is that stress or accent is perpetually located on the first syllable of the word.

Why is learning the Slovakia language important?

Slovakian is considered the West Slavic language which is the native language of more than five million users. This is because of their respective events in past Czechoslovakia. The vocabulary of the languages is mostly similar. Essentially, the difference is in phonology.  The Slovakian appeared in the 10th century in various dialects.  Then, it was inspired by the neighboring languages on time. Nowadays, general languages were not discovered till the 19th century. Few elements can therefore be analyzed more than those in Czech. 

The several dialects have been confirmed until now though.  The Slovak language is written with the Latin alphabet. And, it is the language that can be learned for different Slavic speakers.  It also is said that this language is the kind of standard language in the Slavic region. It is the best reason to engage with the fascinating language.

There are many advantages of taking the Slovak Classes Singapore. Definitely, it is a rich country to visit the magnificent landscapes with deep-rooted traditions and history. Knowing this can open many possibilities while visiting the country.  Definitely, the country has a vibrant culture that fascinates and attracts visitors. 

The other reason to understand the Slovak language is while driving on public transport.  The main cities' announcements and timetables of delays and changes are normally in Slovak only. Besides, understanding the Slovakian language allows you to gain recognition from the locals. If you understand the basic Slovak phrases or words, the locals will admire you quickly. Those who know the language previously can easily survive in the country.  Acquiring the Slovak can assist you in experiencing some great works of art in the fundamental language and understand them as the author intended for them to be identified.

Why choose Easylore to learn the Slovak language?

Accessible globally

Easylore gives an opportunity to understand the Slovak language from 62 mother tongues.  Join our highly experienced and skilled community of tutors who provides the lessons according to the specific needs and requirements. 

Easy and Fun learning

Understand the Slovak language from Easylore. Now you can adequately play the 30 efficient learning games. Find out many topics and experience the hand-drawn graphics. You can simply practice while interacting, in breaks, and at home. It is efficient, easy, and fast.

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The Easylore courses are created by professional linguists and acting tutors. Grow your skills in vocabulary by selecting the contents that suit your interests, level, and age. Choose us and find out the best methods to learn the language. 

Learn Slovak Online from the Slovak Tutoring

Slovak for Beginners

Initiate learning the essential Slovak phrases or words in some minutes of regular practice.  Incorporate every basic skill- speaking, writing, listening, and reading. Begin your learning of grammar from the parsing sentences. Take part in conversations and introduce yourself.

Slovak for Intermediate Students

Upgrade the pronunciation and speaking skills from Speech Recognition. Know what you have discovered in more complicated conversations from the native speakers. Work on morphology. Continue to study and play each day. Share your ideas in Slovak and find out what others are saying.

Slovak for Advanced Learners

Become an expert in speaking and writing Slovak. Communicate positively with the locals and stop making many efforts while interacting. Be one of those millions who are speaking the language daily.

Slovak for Travelling

Get confidence in speaking the Slovak language while traveling. Request for directions and interact with the locals and make your trip a memorable one. From the well-organized structured phrasebook for traveling, you can 

Ask for directions, communicate with the local people and get the most out of your trip. With our well-structured phrasebook for traveling, you will learn how to book a flight, check into a hotel, rent a car, order food in a restaurant, and much more.

Any queries? We are here for you!

Are you searching for an affordable, efficient, and flexible way to learn the Slovak language?   When we are here, then, you do not need to worry!   Our team of experts is native speakers who teach you every basic and advanced level of Slovak language conveniently and quickly. 

All you need is a reliable internet connection and a laptop, etc. You can start the Slovak sessions at your convenient place or time. The skilled native-speaking tutors offer one-to-one classes or lesson plans according to the learning pace and learning needs. The online classes are cost-effective and ensure the advantages to the learners.