Skateboarding Classes Singapore

Find the conventional online skateboarding lessons Singapore from the skateboarding tutors Easylore. Begin the search now and get connected with the right connection now.

If you are not certain of where to start and need assistance from the Skateboarding professionals, then, we are here to help you! Let us know about your needs or requirements, and allow us to teach you with the agile Skateboard Classes Singapore. 

We don't pressurize you to choose us, you can check out the testimonials, existing students' reviews or feedback, tutor's profile, and more details and secure your decision.

If you are searching for "skateboarding classes near me", then, choose Easylore

If you are new to Skateboarding then you should take our online skateboarding lessons. We start with the fundamentals and you will definitely learn the lessons to improve and to become the expert in skateboarding. The relevant or customized lesson plans are made according to the learner's needs or requirements.

And, if you also have started with demo classes with us then, our tutors have advised you of the customized lesson plans and you can start the sessions right now! 

For the group classes, we group the learners as per the age groups and levels. Also, the tutors teach in an interactive environment as they hone and learn the skateboarding skills collectively. In addition, you can make new peers along the way.

Essential Gears to Learn Skateboarding Online

An individual Skateboard

The wooden regular skateboards are favoured as plastic penny cruiser boards that are tough to balance.

Your Personal Preventive Gear

Wrist, Knee pads, Elbow and Helmet, etc.


Your protection is prioritized by us. As we assure that the skateboarding lessons are explained and taught safely, safety gear should however be worn every time. Also, you are asked to wear footwear like covered shoes or skate shoes. Sandals and slippers are not allowed. 

How Easylore is the right choice for Online Skateboarding Classes

Easylore possesses the most trustworthy online skateboarding tutors in the globe. We have taught several learners till now who are learning beginner skateboarding. Ignore every single trick tip videos from the online stores. The tips are not related and not meant for the learners. Easylore's online stake classes are for those who are enthusiastic about learning skateboarding lessons. 

Skateboarding is being enjoyed much in Singapore; it is a part that is fueled by many skate parks that have recently been built. Singapore has almost 8 state parks in Central, North, West, East, etc, most of which are placed nearby public transport.

For adults, like; teens and tweens, skateboarding is generally an older kid activity and it has special and interesting factors. Indeed, there is no reason why it is only for the kids. The kids are as young as three who can begin learning this engaging and fun sport.

Though it is easy and simple to start learning skating at the initial level; it is of course a challenge as there are several methods in which you can push yourself and several moves to understand and get more skilled. We provide the online lesson plans same as in-person skating, and assuredly, change from straight riding to moves and tricks. Below are the lessons you will learn here:

  • Every transportation basics
  • How to understand the balance
  • How to positively push
  • What are the different ways of skating in the streets without worry
  • How to do tricks
  • how to perform skating in the park, much more!

Learn skateboarding online

If you do not know the best ways of skating, or if you are in despair of making the kids learn then, allow our tutors to teach you. There are several online tutoring platforms; but, you can rely on us to learn every basic and advanced level of skating. 

Communicate with the tutor and know what your child can learn and whatnot. When your child performs better with the customized and tailored coaching method, then, receiving the online lessons is the best decision you can make.