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Understand Sinhala private or online with the right Private Sinhala Tutors Online from Easylore. The Sinhala Online Classes will be held by Easylore tutors on an individual basis and are customized to suit the learner's needs. Learn the language efficiently with the assistance of native Sinhala speakers. Choose us to have fun learning in an interactive environment.  

Welcome to Easylore! If you want to understand Sinhala for family ties or travel purposes or enhancing career opportunities, we are the platform that provides Sinhalese tutoring online from our video integrated system from expert tutors. 

Why is learning the Sinhala language essential?

Helabasa or Sinhala is an Indo-Aryan language spoken and is one of the two official Sri Lanka. The Sinhalese language came into existence in the fifth century BCE when the Northeast Indian migrants came to Sri Lanka.

The spoken and literary Sinhala language versions differ much. The most striking difference is the absence of inflected Spoken language verb forms. The Sinhala language was inspired by Pali and to a lesser extent by Sanskrit. The vocabulary of the language also includes borrowed words of the Dravidian languages, such as Tamil. Many colonial rule centuries have also influenced the language. Accordingly, the modern Sinhalese includes the English, Dutch and Portuguese loanwords also.  

Sinhalese is addressed with the distinctive Sinhala script. It is the Brahmi script descendant that emerged in the seventh and eighth centuries AD. Though, the Sinhala script is non-affordable and includes additional letters of Pali loanwords and writing Sanskrit. The Sinhala letters rounded shape is the same as the south Indian Dravidian script orthographies.

Sinhala Classes Singapore in Singapore

Easylore is an online learning platform that links you with in-person and private Sinhala and provides one-to-one or customized lesson plans. Easylore matches the learners with the experienced native speakers who like to improve the conversational skills according to the suitable time and place.

The most complicated part of understanding a foreign language is the practice that is acquired by communicating with a native speaker. Those who like to learn the language find it tough to link with the right connection. Easylore is designed to give you a frictionless experience when learning from the Sinhala tutors Singapore for in-person or private language courses or sessions.

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The most ethnic Sri Lanka group speaks the Sinhalese language. Approximately, there are 16 million speakers of the Sinhala language. If you are learning the language from the Sinhala teachers online for the coming trip, and are searching for gaining the command of the language or desire to stay ahead of the peers, then Easylore assists you in linking with the Sinhalese tutor. The Sinhala classes online can assist you despite the schedule, time or place. Our tutoring services assist you in;

  • Accents
  • Ecology
  • Dialects
  • Phonology
  • Morphology
  • A writing system, etc.

You can study the Sinhalese language from the tutors who grasp several methods of teaching languages. Like; the tutors might consider the comprehensive physical response technique for assisting you in learning the language. These classes aim at explaining what is being spoken in the language before speaking the language.  

The simulated immersion technique could be used in making you understand the language by immersing you in it. In this period, the tutor can ask you to address the language and they will speak the Sinhalese language in the overall session. You are also introduced to the text and books that are in Sinhalese to improve the language exposure.

The Sinhalese classes or sessions aim at the individual requirements of every person. So, if you find it tough to memorize every case of the language, the tutor can take extra time and slow down with you. On the contrary, if you are an expert in the Sinhalese language, the online tutor can skip on that unit to free the precious study time.

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The online tutor offers you important feedback on a regular basis. They also send you the updated progress reports and even check in with you at the end of every class to know what you have understood and reviewed where you are lagging behind. In addition, you can even have the answers to every question as the tutor focuses on you and your particular needs. You might have redirected to the page while searching the right online Sinhalese tutors.  

Easylore is here to support you and connect with the proficient Sinhalese teachers who are more comfortable working with you for attaining the language aims. Moreover, the platform could be accessed from any of the smartphone, tablets or phones, etc. converting the process more convenient. 

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