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Does your child find science a tricky subject?  Are you looking for science tutors online at a fair price?

Easylore is the solution your child needs. We are giving you the freedom to select the best science tutor from our online learning platform. Our active tutors are here to help your child succeed. Hire us to improve your child's test and exam scores.

Why is learning Science in Singapore challenging?

Science is the most important but difficult subject to learn. It derives from the Latin Scientia, which means knowledge. So science is conceived as Knowing (Knowledge) about Nature. The disciplines of science are; geology that studies the evolution of the natural phenomena that have affected the earth from its formation to today, tectonics that deals with the natural processes in the interior of the earth and its surface, astronomical geography that studies the celestial bodies and the relationships between the earth and the solar system, physical geography that deals with the physical phenomena of the atmosphere, the hydrosphere, and the lithosphere, mineralogy and petrography that they study minerals and rocks, palaeontology that studies the organisms lived in the past, seismology that deals with earthquakes to prevent earthquakes, volcanology that analyses the volcanic activity of the earth.

In Singapore, students under the third grade of primary school start to study science. Since this is a new module, there is a big gap between the highest scorer and the rest of the class. It is because of the talent and ability every student has.   

Some feel joy in learning science, while some find it challenging because of their less interest in the subject.  Although students can opt-out of science at a higher education stage, it is compulsory for elementary school students.

In addition to remembering scientific theories, there is much more to learn about science. When studying this subject, many students lack confidence in their capabilities. Even they gave up before starting. Some common trouble spots surrounding this topic are:

  • Science is a complicated subject, and students may need extra tutoring time to learn its concepts.

  • As a parent, you want to hire the science tutor your child can rely on in case of any query and doubt.

  • You want your children to make a career in science and improve their understanding and skills of exams.

  • Its importance is similar to subjects like mathematics, English. So, it is a must for your child to show excellence in all subjects to have a better future.

Here, online science tuition in Singapore helps! The tutors analyze the student's skills, give one to one lessons, solve their doubts and make them confident. Science tuition Singapore is definitely the solution you child needs because it provides:

Personalized attention

Your child can get private tutoring that they cannot get in a classroom with the bulk of students.

Focus mainly on pain points 

Learning from online science tuition ensures that they will focus on the areas the students are lacking.

Re-explain the concepts

The active private science tutors re-explain the concepts that the student has not grasped properly.

Use practicals for complex ideas

The online science tutors use the real-world application for explaining complex ideas.

Regular Assessment

The private science tutors examine and access the student's progress after completing every topic, lesson and chapter. 

Comfortable learning environment

Contrasting to the classroom's tense environment, where the students feel more exhausted, the online science tutors allow them to relax if they feel tired and continue learning later on.

Get Help with Science from Easylore

As a well-known online learning platform, Easylore pairs the student with experienced and popular science teachers. You can select the right science teacher from the list of qualified one. Moreover, a single tutor can also be hired for different science subjects, like, physics, chemistry or biology, etc.

Easylore make it easy to get help with science-related assignments. Tell us your requirements, and we will provide you with the highly-skilled science tutor. In the online classes, the science problems will be solved one by one with the teacher's assistance. You can verify your answers, look up science worksheets and practice questions to polish your skills.

We are 24X7 available to assist you with everything, from balancing the chemical equations to writing the laboratory reports and learning the projectile motion. Get guidance with particular science issues in your schedule even if it is early morning or late at night, our online tutor is there to help you.

Our online science tuition aids the students at basic to advanced level to master the subject by:

  • Preparing for the science test

  • Creating a science project or an experiment

  • Completing the science homework

  • Examining the answers

  • Writing the laboratory report

  • Understanding science problems

Providing the best science tuition for your child is Easylore's mission

To grow the science level quickly, we believe that a private science tutor is the only way to go. A single-minded focus on your child's weak topics, with one-to-one and personal guidance, will support your child to have an overall understanding of the science concepts they should have. With that said, Easylore gives your child the best opportunity to excel in science.  

With the excellent list of tutors in the database, Easylore holds an impressive list of secondary science tutors and primary science tutors.  All of them have many years of experience in improving the student's grades for making them proficient in PSLE, O and A levels and pursue their career as an engineer, doctor or researcher.   We are proud to provide the most qualified science tutors in Singapore.

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