Saxophone Classes in Singapore

Want to know how to get started as a saxophone player? Or wanted to play like a professional in Singapore?

Take saxophone lessons with one of Singapore’s most popular performers and educators!   Learn to play saxophone from Easylore. We have international recording artists with extensive performance experience in all genres; R&B, jazz, pop, Mandopop, classical, etc.

Reasons to play Saxophone in Singapore

Before choosing to play the instrument, many questions arise. Most of them are practical, like; if you can find the right saxophone tutor or not, if it is economical or not? etc. However, some are personal - why to choose saxophone to play, there are many other great options as well? Of course, here, your opinion or passion about music matters.  But, there are many other reasons to choose it as your first instrument.

Produces deep music

Anyone who hears the saxophone never doubts that it produces beautiful music. The harmonious, deep and affectionate tone of the saxophone is conducive to creating a romantic atmosphere.

Flexible and used in many genres

Although the saxophone classifies as a jazz instrument, it can be adaptable to different music genres, and the result relies on the player's skills. It sounds lovely, despite the genre of music you are playing.

Looks beautiful and intricate

With the intricate fittings and elegant design, the saxophone looks cool.  Although the instrument’s appearance should not be the main factor while deciding, do not forget that the saxophone is a beautiful-looking instrument.

Countless challenges

Saxophone gives new challenges which add more charms to it and motivates its passionate players.  The learning depends on your attitude. If there is something left to learn one day and you are looking for the other day to know it, it is definitely appealing to you.  It shows you are a serious player/student of music.

Benefits of Online saxophone classes in Singapore

Children and adults’ learning ability are influenced by the speed of learning and the environment. It is particularly true for those who wish to take saxophone classes for beginners. The fact is that saxophone lessons are not a cakewalk. Reading music notes, timing, finger positions, breathing, and tonguing; all of these techniques work simultaneously.

Indeed, it is quite challenging to learn, especially in the case of peers and increased pacing pressure. Learning music lessons is easy now with private saxophone lessons. Easylore provides online saxophone classes from experienced and qualified music teachers. You can learn to play the saxophone from the comfort of your home. Below we have mentioned the benefits of choosing the online saxophone tutor:

  • We cannot deny that home is the most comfortable place. It is the perfect learning domain for saxophone lessons.  If you are more at ease and relaxed, then, learning to play the saxophone is an easy task for you at home.  Singapore students feel much relieved in learning saxophone online as it relieves their travel time pressure.
  • From private saxophone lessons, the music teacher can understand the student better. They can motivate and make you comfortable in challenging areas. The musicians can easily find out the areas of interest of students; hence, grasping the idea and playing becomes easy.
  • In contrast to group courses, private saxophone lessons can suppress or reduce frustration. Things may become tense while learning the finger movement and placement. Or,  the student can feel frustrated while blowing air to the saxophone.   Uneasiness can also be felt if the playing speed or tempo is one or two steps away from the song’s beat and rhythm.  It is difficult to get things right when the peers stare impatiently at you. Under the supervision and assistance of the saxophone tutor online, students can learn easily and quickly.

Why choose Easylore for Saxophone Lessons in Singapore

If you like rhythm and blues music or jazz, then start online saxophone classes Singapore today! Easylore has professional and qualified saxophone teachers from well-know music conservatories around the world. Our experts have improved the level of saxophone performance in Singapore, dealing with one student at a time.

What You’ll Learn here 

Our saxophone tutors have experienced everything from recording with Grammy-winning musicians and producers to performing at international and regional music festivals. They will assist you and share the preparations for practising, gigs, browse the music industry and jazz strategies.

To master good performance basics, you require proper guidance from active and experienced saxophone teachers and players.

At Easylore, the aim is to guide and prepare the student with a zero musical background to learn easily and quickly. Our geeks assure students to play simple music tunes before the end of the first class. Just in three saxophone classes, you can notice great progress in your improvement. In four sessions of 60 minutes to each, you will learn:

  • Personalized one-on-one learning, suitable for private saxophone lessons
  • Learning the breathing techniques for producing a pleasing sound
  • Master the right posture of playing the saxophone
  • Introduction to music notes and insights on easy saxophone playing
  • Increased recognition of good jazz and semi-classical music 

Bring Fun in Learning Music

Make learning saxophone a fun task.  Children can grasp things quickly and are very smart in learning new ideas. However, at the same time, they did not concentrate. This is where you need us! Let them spend their time and energy to learn to play the saxophone; the results are worth the effort!

To learn more about the saxophone and how to make your child learn to play, you can contact us!