RollerBlade Tutor Singapore

At Easylore online platform, we form an interactive environment and the skating experts of every age from novices to advanced levels. The rollerblade class Singapore customizes the lesson plans and fulfil the students' requirements accordingly.  

So, if you are searching for a Roller blade tutor online, then, approach Easylore! We are providing rollerblade classes for those who are interested and boost their self-esteem.

Learn Rollerblade Online from Easylore

Rollerblade is a phenomenal activity that permits the student to learn the essential fundamental movement in the physical activity and makes you active and able.  

The adults and children will understand to play the rollerblades by using motor movements and skills, like, speed, coordination, balance and agility. The sessions more revolves around the families, adults and children without pressurizing in developing high-end skills and techniques related to competing roller sports. The rollerblade lessons Singapore

from online rollerblade, home tutor promotes engagement, communication skills, with tutors and intensifying social progress which is essential for improving skating competence.

We Teach RollerBlade lessons Efficiently


The basic course from the Private rollerblade tutor is an excellent way for the learners to begin the skating journey. It is also the best opportunity to know if skating is the right option for you.


For becoming the best skater, there is a need to have a strong base. In addition, improve the skating skills with the foundation progression. You will be pulling up, turning and ending the elementary to advanced level that can improve your confidence.


For the advanced-level online courses, you will be acquainted with introducing the challenging technical tricks and stunts results in different skating disciplines, such as Classic Slalom, Speed Slalom, Speed Skating, Inline Hockey and Battle Slide.

Which Rollerblade Skills Will You Learn at Easylore?

The rollerblade course or class at Easylore consist of many levels; at every level, there are four to five roller skating skills that should be achieved for obtaining the level award. Every level has below skills/areas:

  • Beginning and ending
  • Turning
  • Gliding
  • Jumping & Leaping
  • Skating backwards
  • Leg crossovers

The private or online skating lessons provide a possibility to advance at your learning rate. Every ability level and age can be leveraged by a Private rollerblade tutor as they can offer one-to-one guidance to improve the progress of the rollerblade. Those who are concerned about the particular skating discipline should consider Easylore to get personalized assistance. The rollerblade lessons are more productive and make the learner learn to the best. 

Study Skate learning from the roller blade tutors

The skating courses from our experts are more professional-oriented and are taught in an interactive environment. We provide different techniques according to the training needed, your ability and the need for learning. 

If your aims lie in fitness, inline recreation, freestyle, hockey skating, aggression, we provide a skating course to master the game. When you choose to understand the different skating methods, hire an able tutor and get skilled training.