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Want to know how to learn Portuguese? Even most people think that Portugal is the centre of this unique language, this is not the case. Only 5% of fluent Portuguese speakers are from Portugal.

One of the reasons is that both Mozambique and Brazil consider Portuguese to be an official language, and there are many native speakers of their mother tongue.

The origin of Portuguese comes from the Galician community. The area is found on the northwestern border of Portugal and Spain.

Approximately the 14th century, the local dialect and general Latin were formed together, pointing to the beginning of the Portuguese. English and Portuguese serve thousands of cognitions (words are similar in meaning and pronunciation). An instance of the Portuguese word that makes it English is embaraçar, from which we procure "embarrassed". Since both English and Portuguese have Latin origins, this will make it easy for you to learn the language!

Reasons to choose Online Portuguese Tutor Singapore

One of the many reasons to take classes from private Portuguese teachers is that the language continues to grow in relevance. Portuguese is the second-fastest-growing language in Europe, after English.

You can also enjoy Portuguese literature and poetry by some prominent figures, including Lygia Fagundes, Fernando Pessoa and Almeida Garrett. So, if you are looking for a Portuguese online teacher for the child or planning to learn it as an adult, you will find more convincing benefits below.

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The children who are interested in learning Portuguese will benefit a lot if they insist on using the language. Since they are still very young, they will greatly improve their chances of fluency in Portuguese. In addition, learning a second language can assist children in better understanding the complexity of their mother tongue. The study has also discovered that bilingual children perform well in school exams than monolingual students. The same is true for the college entrance examination. 

The adults will gain many benefits when learning Portuguese. The beginners usually get unique job opportunities with higher salaries. You can get a career in areas such as healthcare, immigration, travel, social services, etc. Also, you can spend a holiday abroad in the largest Portuguese region and maximize your experience. 

Also, science shows that Portuguese language learning at an adult age helps keep the brain healthy and young. As learning languages ​​such as Portuguese involves "mental exercise", it has been discovered that it can delay the origin of dementia.

What You Will Learn From Portuguese Teachers Online

Despite the motivation or age for learning Portuguese, you can be certain that Easylore will teach you according to your abilities and needs.

The Portuguese teacher will customize the course according to your learning goals and style, and draft the lesson plans for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels.

Beginning a new language with an Online Portuguese tutor is very impressive. For beginners, you will obtain admiration and admiration for the new culture. Below is some basic knowledge that your teacher might choose, suitable for beginners.

  • Proper pronunciation
  • Basic phrases and vocabulary 
  • Rules of verb conjugation 
  • English and Portuguese cognates
  • Briefing of Portuguese culture

Even though you are not yet proficient in Portuguese, you have come a long way at this stage. With a little effort, you will learn perfectly. The following are some topics your teacher might cover at the middle level.

  • Complex grammar rules
  • Listening comprehension
  • Conversing in Portuguese
  • Open and closed vowels
  • Reading comprehension

At the advanced level, the online Portuguese tutor will help you understand the outstanding skills required to reach fluency. Regularly using your language skills will be a great assistance for you. Below are some topics that will be covered by our experts:

  • Idioms and colloquial speech
  • Formal and informal writing
  • Accent refinement
  • Understanding of Brazilian Portuguese nuances
  • Understanding of European Portuguese nuances

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 If having a private Portuguese lesson from us is a challenge due to the unique schedule, don’t worry! Most of our Portuguese coaches also offer comfortable one to one online sessions.

We take pride in linking you with the best Portuguese teachers for our students, so, if you have an urge to learn this beautiful language then don’t delay to approach us. We are enthusiastic about making the language learning experience as fun and easy as possible.