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Do you want to learn ping pong or interested in improving your game? Are you an encouraged parent and are keen to let your child do a sport that will enhance his strength, endurance and stamina?  Or maybe you just want to give your child a start and want them to choose a sport that may end up full of passion. The problem is, you just don't have an idea about where to begin.

Easylore provides Ping Pong Classes Singapore for all levels and every age group. Even our 1:1 Online ping pong Tutors give personalized tuition and modify the schedules according to your needs.

 So, are you ready to take your skills to a new level and learn ping pong the correct way with us?

Why is learning Ping Pong Classes Singapore important?

Ping Pong is the most prominent Paralympic sport and is widely used by athletes globally. This interesting sport gives athletes an intellectual or physical advantage for competitive and casual players. The player scores best in ping pong match when;

  • The ball is not returned by the opponent.

  • The ball jumps twice

  • The ball bounces to the net

  • Report failing to hit the table on the side of the player

According to their functional capabilities, the athletes can participate in sitting or standing competitions, and in person, doubles and team competitions. The classification in the ping pong game is as below:

  • The lower class size symbolises the greater level of sport impairment. For sitting athletes, subdivide them as per their hand function and balance.

  • When it is about the standing athletes, they are subdivided as per their standing balance. For level 11 athletes, the regulations for healthy athletes will be strictly followed.

  • The benefits ping pong holds are very impressive. This exercise can not only enhance hand-eye coordination (by tracking the trajectory of the ball) but also improve blood flow to the brain, develop cognitive ability and mature reflexes (general and fine movement of muscles can be exercised).

  • It is an excellent activity to maintain the physical and mental health of participants through fast pace and rapid response. Besides, ping pong also improves balance, agility, perseverance, coordination and is willing to challenge.

Ping Pong tutor online: The better approach to learn

From beginner to an advanced level, our ping pong lessons online have great flexibility. You can pick the date and time you like, and we will do our best to give you the best teaching.

The 1:1 Online ping pong Tutor will give the individual training according to the level of skills you hold and you can easily learn the influential strategies in the comfort of your home. We assure you that you can learn ping pong as a beginner and train you for the important ping pong tournament or match.

For players above the intermediate level, we will evaluate the skills before determining what to do or according to your requirements. This no-frills and private space are coached by experienced coaches.

They provide ping pong lessons for beginners particularly prepared for children. Under one-on-one guidance, you can rest assured that your child can acquire at his own pace and get the complete attention of the coach.

Learn valuable Ping Pong Lessons from Easylore

A way for your children to learn valuable ping pong lessons is from Easylore. We have many experienced ping pong tutors Singapore that teaches according to your skills and learning level. Our tennis lessons focus on the core basics of ping pong, including strategies, techniques and footwork.

We consider the fact that for being the best player or for enjoying the sport to the fullest, you should start learning from the footwork or actual strokes as per the top-level players. It is better if you will give full attention and do not learn the wrong methods, otherwise, you will end up with more injuries or bad habits. 

Expert Ping Pong tutor

We have highly skilled and renowned tutors that will teach you ping pong at each step of your learning journey.

1:1 Online ping pong Lessons

The Ping Pong tutor online will teach you according to your skills, pace, and level of knowledge. Also, the lessons will be customized according to your schedule.

100% Guaranteed

Choose us and get a trial class. We will also refund the balance in case you are unsatisfied with our teaching style.

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Hire our ping pong tutors for enhancing your skills in playing. We are here to give you the professional help you need, strengthen your skills and get professional help!

In the ping pong team, the method of learning the values and skills ​​in life is ultimately the most important thing, not victory. In the process of team success, every member plays an important role.

Only with the support of each team member and under the guidance of coaches and teachers, you can stand with strong opponents strongly. Through intense training, the Ping Pong tutor forms an indestructible bond and, as a united force, works together to succeed. By uniting as one, the team can gain greater success for the school as well.  We give lessons to all ages and levels. Get started with the result-oriented Ping Pong classes Singapore from our Ping pong home tutors today!