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Do you have a desire to play your favourite tunes on the piano? But, are unable to find a qualified piano tutor? Online piano lessons are now available with Easylore. 

Hop over our online learning platform and connect with the talented and experienced piano home tutor in Singapore. Their hard work, professionalism, and patience not only inspire but also make the learning process easier in each class. Choose us to develop piano skills greatly, and improve exposure to different genres of music.

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Nowadays, more and more parents let their children participate in arts, such as learning dancing or new musical instruments. The piano course has been the most popular (along with guitar, violin and keyboard) for many years. However, for many students, finding a good teacher is always troublesome. But, with the availability of online teaching, getting a piano teacher has become easy. 

It is essential to hire a private piano tutor from the well-rated online learning platform to screen and examine the personal data for you. It saves money, time and releases pressure. Easylore provides effective and quality piano lessons for students of all ages from passionate piano tutors. You can take piano classes at home or visit a tutor’s home/studio to learn piano lessons.

Why is learning piano online beneficial?

The piano belongs to the category of struck chordophones. Chordophones are stringed instruments that naturally produce sound through the strings’ vibrations (think of the harp or the violin). In piano, the percussion on the strings takes place through hammers that are put into action through the keyboard, consisting of 88 keys. 

From this, 52 are white, 36 are black; on the former, the natural notes are played, while on the latter, the alterations are represented (therefore the various flats and sharps). 

As the name of the instrument suggests, the word “pianoforte” is of Italian origin. The relations of the “piano” and “forte”, united in a single word, also explain the instrument’s fundamental characteristic. 

The possibility of reaching different volume intensities depends on the specific touch. It ranges from the piano pianissimo (PPP) to the forte fortissimo (fff), passing from one extreme to the other through a boundless range of “colours”. 

This possibility did not exist with the instruments before the piano, which could be defined as its so-called “ancestors”. An Italian craftsman, the harpsichord maker Bartolomeo Cristofori, in 1698 began the experiments that led to the creation of the piano as we know it today and called it “gravicembalo with piano et forte”, meaning that this instrument could produce different types of sound gradations.

There are many answers to questions about playing the piano in online blogs, articles, journals and magazines. Most of the answers depend on music aspects and theory like knowing the keys of the piano keyboard, how to read the music scores and how to settle the hands on the keyboard. 

Others depend on the pedagogical approach analyzing things like practising the piano, teaching yourself on piano, playing techniques, practice methods, chord-based learning system, piano teaching strategies, etc. 

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Most of the articles and websites promise to provide magical solutions that will enable you to play the piano immediately. However, all these “answers” neglect the essence of learning how to play the piano correctly. 

Nevertheless, you should learn to play the piano from a reliable online piano lessons provider, like Easylore; the real answer to what it takes is the same. Remain patient, persist, positive and enjoy the process!