Learn English Phonics Online in Singapore

Easylore provides you with a compelling new approach to join phonics tutoring lessons. Our online phonics lessons have been designed with effective learning, through storytelling, discussion, visible learning, and using various techniques to make progress. All our online tutors will test your child's knowledge with interactive quizzes that take learners step-by-step towards success. Instead of broadcasting long classroom lectures, we provide one-to-one online phonics classes through amazing ideas and techniques.

Our tutors have designed a unique and complete learning experience that leads the students to fill the gaps of their own knowledge. This isn't only enough! Our online leading platform creates interactive English phonics classes to teach children about the relationship between letters and sounds. This will further help in developing the skills needed to read and write. After all, our teaching schedules are designed by an experienced team of teachers and parents. 

So, if you have a child in their first year of primary school, there is a good chance to get him involved in our online classes for further development.

How Online Phonics Tutors Help the Students?

What is phonics? You might not be aware of this term!

Generally, phonics is a teaching procedure for English learners and speakers how to read and write an alphabetic language. The experts empower the children with correct spelling and reading. 

Thus, hiring online phonics tutors helps children hear, identify and use different sounds that differentiate one word from another in the English language. They assist the children by correlating sounds with single or groups of letters as part of communication. Studying Phonics means developing creative writing and reading skills for your children. 

Phonics is known as one of the most important vital subjects practised in school. Whether you want scholarly advancement in your child or another development, Phonics online classes of Easylore can do all of this. 

We completely facilitate the students with a deep understanding of the English language. Our tutors will fulfil your requirements by maintaining cost, quality, support, and other essential factors in mind. 

Easylore - 1-1 Online Phonics Tutors

At Easylore, we develop a Phonics programme that introduces the sounds of English through actions, poems, novels and dramatization. We encourage our children in studying newly acquired sound knowledge to learn reading and spelling. After all, honing the listening skills of your children is our first step.

Our platform brings different learning methodologies to our classrooms. We strongly believe that all the skills of the language are significantly important in getting a high-quality education in English. Our Phonic courses focus on speaking, comprehension and creative writing, which are stimulated by methodologies. Additionally, our world-class lessons are delivered by compassionate, highly-trained and qualified teachers in a child-friendly environment. We ensure the children get the best learning experience with us. 

By discovering our innovative Phonics classes, our tutors create an individual approach that motivates children to read and write English with confidence from the primary age. We teach the different rules of consonants and vowels sounds, developing accurate pronunciation and presentation abilities. Once the students are able to start the ability of reading and learning, your children will develop their English writing skills by themselves. 

Why Choose Easylore’s Online Private Phonics Tutors?

Joining our Phonic classes help in building a child’s self-esteem and improving his/her interest in learning and knowledge. We focus on structuring understanding and typing skills using word recognition, letter formation, segmenting, and complicated words. All our online classes are lively and interactive through different techniques, role-playing exercises. 

Our tutors in Singapore are professionals and well-trained. We deliver online classes to every child with one-on-one engagement time. Through our online platform, children get a lot of advantages:

  • Fun and Friendly Environment
  • Intelligently-woven Curriculum
  • Well-trained and passionate Teachers
  • Improve English skills through course progression

Our course provides various benefits to children:

  • Learn easily & fluently with a good understanding
  • Spell accurately and acquire a wider vocabulary
  • Develop the habit of reading for both pleasure and to get information
  • Teach grammar, the spoken & written form of English
  • Speak and write clearly so that they can communicate their ideas and emotions in a better way.

Our native English speakers lead the students to the authentic English-speaking environment for developing basic reading skills accurately and naturally, from the very beginning.

Hence, by turning English into Phonic classes, Easylore assists the children as a team. So, connect with us today and develop English communication skills.

Join Phonics Online Class in Singapore!

Our phonics reading tuition in Singapore equips the students with basic knowledge, the correct pronunciation of English, and helps in recognizing the different sounds of English, which further improve skills. Through our course, your child will learn to read and write in English accurately. 

So, take your skills to the highest level with our tutors through the right grammar, vocabulary, connectives, sentence openers and punctuation.