One to One Mentoring Online Tutor

Improving others is the basic role of management, allowing the organization to develop and strengthen the future. The focus of this Mentoring & Online classes Singapore is on the methods needed to become an active coach and to learn the principles applicable to coaching. Easylore's Online mentoring activities, the 1 1 mentoring Tutors Online tutor will make you learn the efficient learning practices that improve rapport, trust and remove the obstacles for staff growth.

Online mentoring for students will equip you with behaviours, skills and knowledge to promote and motivate others in a useful way. By joining our 1:1 Online Mentoring session, you can help improve the overall performance of an individual or team. Get connected with one to one mentoring online tutor and enjoy the Online mentoring activities.

What are Mentoring & Online classes Singapore all about?

Tutoring, coaching and counselling are all about assisting others. They are the three most useful skills for managers to develop team efficiency, increase productivity and boost morale. Online coaching and mentoring Singapore examines the attitudes and skills you need to mentor, counsel and direct reporting.

This is a hands-on program that uses case studies, role-playing, discussions and interactive tasks to interject the extensive skills. It is perfect for those operating team who likes to enhance staff retention rate, results and personal growth the 1:1 Online Mentoring Session offers:

  • The role of 1:1 mentoring Tutors Online as an administration tool
  • Classifying favoured coaching styles
  • Applying the one to one mentoring coaching interventions
  • Understanding and meeting the requirement for mentoring
  • Aligning personal effectiveness by results

Why 1:1 Online Mentoring Session from Easylore?

Training talents is a key component of constant improvement. Our courses are intended to support you and your team work more efficiently and are driven by qualified training experts who are specialists in their respective fields.

It strives to meet the requirements of experienced professional developers in various industries by establishing effective workplace learning capabilities to improve employees' abilities and performance, increase productivity, and hire talents who are nimble, agile and responsive to the changes brought by the industry. After the completion of the 1:1 Online Mentoring Session, the learners can:

  • Apply active learning models/concepts in the design, provision and evaluation of learning to make learning organization possible

  • Provide guidance and support for the personal and professional development of learners through effective counselling and guidance methods

  • Through continuous reflection based on learning experiences, practices and actions based on learning outcomes, thus becoming a reflective practitioner

What is so different about one to one mentoring online tutoring?

In the Online mentoring for students, the learners will improve their human development ability by using skills and knowledge in the context of project implementation, and through the guidance to change the learning design of the way of thinking in the workplace atmosphere.

The learners adopt self-directed learning methods, carry on real learning experiences in the workplace, and design active learning and development solutions under the consultation of industry and education professionals.

In online coaching and mentoring Singapore, you will know the establishment of a professional mentoring connection with learners, especially apprentices or interns hired or working in the workplace.

These Mentoring & Online classes are designed to help you develop coaching skills, and are designed to teach you how to use adult learning principles and current coaching methods to design and implement mentoring and coaching plans.

After completing online coaching and mentoring Singapore, you will be able to work as a mentor or coach in the workplace, or to develop a mentor or coach plan for an organization.

Approach us for best Online mentoring for students

A one to one mentoring tutoring is a long-term relationship that can bring a lot of rewards to the mentor and the trainee. It provides the instructor's wisdom and leadership for the instructor through years of experience and professional knowledge.

With online mentoring activities, learners can experience long term results from the practices, skills and knowledge shared and the individuals converted into leaders. When dealing with real-world challenges, there will be possibilities to learn. You will acquire the knowledge and skills of prevailing professional practice. It will allow you to examine the world comprehensively with mentoring and coaching. 

You will explore the principles behind mentoring and coaching,  practice what you have learned and complete the research. In the 1:1 Online Mentoring Session, you will learn opportunities to expand your current coaching or coaching role. It will improve your current and future employability.