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Does your child have a phobia to learn mathematics from a young age? Are they labelled as a “slow learner” by their peers?

Do not make it the dreaded subject.  It does not need to stay that way. Easylore is here to help your child!  The online maths tutors are known for simplifying the issues the students go through.  They give a simple explanation and assist your child in solving math problems in a more exciting way. Therefore,  help your child develop a sustainable and robust interest in elementary and additional mathematics.

Help your child win Mathematics 

There is no debate on it. In order to have a solid foundation in mathematics, students at every level - from elementary school math tuition, O Level maths tuition, PSLE ​​math tuition, to A-Level Maths tuition needs a sound mathematical foundation. Failing to understand basic mathematical concepts and forcibly shifting to more advanced mathematics; results in a gap in understanding which is challenging to solve at a higher level.

So, if you need online math tutors in Singapore that provide high-quality, responsive, convenient service and most competent matching rate, then you have come to the right place. Easylore aims to help parents, and students get math help. 

Our excellent team of professional math tutors are professionally helping students solve math problems in primary school mathematics, secondary school mathematics, including O-level Singapore additional tuition or Singapore basic mathematics tuition; JC’s H1 or H2 mathematics and IP Or IB maths tuition, finding help for these is hard.

What is unique about Maths Home Tutors in Singapore?

Mathematics is a compulsory subject for every student in Singapore. As a more valued educational subject, it demands better understanding and decisive thinking.  Elementary and additional mathematics are more important because they are also very applicable in real life.

Almost all top-paying jobs in the world require you to be in-tune with Mathematics. We are talking about sophisticated professions like engineers, scientists, vets, doctors, software developers, investment managers etc. Apart from the above, Mathematics is also extremely useful in daily life and helps you invest money, plan your shopping and outdoor trips, design rooms, gardens etc. 

Mathematics can be a universal solution to all of your life's small and big problems. Although not many associate the word 'Fun' with Mathematics, the expert trainers at Easylore would beg to differ. 

In addition, Singapore's Ministry of Education (MOE) is improving the standards of mathematics courses. The gradual increase in the difficulty of this subject has led to Singapore's demand for mathematics tuition.

Easylore helps you search for the most profitable and capable maths home tutors in Singapore.  We assure your child's success in the best possible way. 

To know how private math tutor Singapore are beneficial, keep on reading:

Personal maths tuition

The private math tutor is- private.  It implies that the student will get 100% attention and personalized course content according to your child's needs and weaknesses.

Selection of private maths tutor

Easylore has many online maths tutors in its database.  We can easily provide you with online math classes from our maths tutors in Singapore that meet your particular requirements.

More Convenience 

You child can start the online math classes in a relaxed manner- there is nothing better than this. Certainly, it is safe and is under your supervision.

Interactive maths tuition Singapore

With the maths home tutor, the student can ask as many questions as they have.  They do not need to share the class timings with fellow students. From an attention point of view, teaching math online is more worthwhile than maths group tuition.

Why Choose Easylore for Private Math Tutor Singapore?

Those who master mathematics possess the potential to master the world. The former saying has been true to the world of mathematics ever since its inception and more so as we navigate our way through a world dominated by technology. 

Well, Easylore provides you with the opportunity to learn Mathematics in Singapore to make your life all the easier. We provide precisely devised online classes spearheaded by some of the best Maths tutors in Singapore to make the learning session both fun and extremely comprehensive. 

Our trainers assess the level of your knowledge in Math and offer a personalized learning approach that proves effective in making the subject matter easier to understand. Our online maths tutor provides different mathematics educational courses, like: 

  • Elementary
  • Course for kids
  • General algebra
  • Preparation for exams
  • Linear algebra, 
  • Vector algebra, etc.

We have underlined the three levels to describe students' knowledge: beginning, advanced, and proficiency. The choice of education course relies on your level. In case you are not certain about choosing the program, contact our maths tutors Singapore!

Register for Maths Tuition Singapore Now!

Easylore is #1 trusted online platform in learning. We understand the responsibility to serve the student to the best and give the solution to their problems. 

With us, you decide the class you would like to take, choose where you would like the classes conducted, and determine your personal conditions for the class if any. We will ensure that your needs are abided by at your convenience to have the best possible learning experience with us. So whether it is to carve out a new career path, or simply upgrade your knowledge of math, Easylore provides you with the perfect platform to learn Math in Singapore from our expert trainers.

Easylore is happy to help you!

Do not let your child face the problem alone.  Do not rely on relatives or friends to make your child proficient in Mathematics.  Do not forget-mathematics works like a building block.  Give the help your child needs with online maths tutors in Singapore at an early stage.  Hire us and choose the right maths home tutor for your child.