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How do leaders motivate and engage top talent? Which leadership style is the most powerful in improving performance? Why does the traditional command leadership style appear not the best choice in today's business setting? Every answer to these questions lies in leadership training & mentoring. 

Easylore, as a well-known name in online tutoring, implements negotiation skills training, leadership training, and a series of soft skills training for executives and managers in Singapore and around the world.

Our sole aim is to study, design, and provide the most suitable online leadership coaching for organizational managers and leaders. The courses include best practices from leading organizations, leadership schools, and management schools around the world. We have the best leadership trainers, corporate trainers, and negotiation skills trainers in Singapore and Asia as well to give you the best learning experience.

The effective leadership mentoring programs we offer both practical and understanding applications to make a positive difference to others; and grow as a better leader, respected by all.  Online leadership coaching by our experts is based on the specific principles of learning skills and of course, with the years of experience they gained.

Reasons for choosing Leadership Coaching Online Tutor 

The leadership mentoring program aims to enable leaders to improve their curriculum leadership in and outside their specific fields, enhance their abilities in leading teachers, and help principals to improve learning and teaching in schools, colleges or universities.

The core focus of online teacher coaching is collaborative learning. It is based on the advantages of the successful education leader program and the former leadership training & mentoring.

Easylore aims to:
  • build new knowledge in collaborative and generative learning

  • with an experienced learning team, the focus is on constant improvement of the curriculum to improve the ability of teaching and leadership

  • improve the professional knowledge and ability of middle-level leaders, refer to their position near the top of the leadership

  • single subject/discipline

After the completion of our program, you can:

  • Understand and practice a person’s existing skills

  • Control people by asking the appropriate questions

  • Build adhesive and valuable skills in guiding others

1:1 online leadership coaching

Useful leadership coaching cannot be accomplished only with competence and leadership and management theory. It has integrated skills like professional dialogue and collective knowledge inquiry.

The existence of collective coordination and order is important for the growth of innovative learning in leadership. In such an interactive environment, the learning process is realized by participating in interdisciplinary cooperative curriculum projects. It involves participating in the activities of schools, institutions of higher learning, support and government agencies, as well as external individuals and organizations.

The leadership training & mentoring process is supported by face-to-face or individual contacts (lectures and tutorials) and virtual contacts assisted. The main evaluation is that leadership training is not a predetermined entity in the local environment, however is performed by a more comprehensive environment, and its innovative behaviour as per the factors defined at the local, international and regional levels.

The learning setting blends social interaction and a consistent technological/innovation culture, and is open to the world, thus contributing leaders with the best opportunities for innovative learning.

Online Teacher Coaching features include:

Curriculum Projects

These curriculum projects are used as a means of high-level education, which requires learning and responding to appropriate curriculum problems met by leaders. It involves learning by doing and involves working with interdisciplinary groups to develop innovative and practical curriculum projects.

Professional Communications

Professional communication is a kind of strict inquiry about the actual behaviour of the participants: "Why should I do this? Where did I learn it? What theories, personal assumptions, or values ​​are implied by my behaviour? Can I do something different? What personal theory or assumptions are indicated by a different course of action?

The ordinary and daily habits, such as the questions the students require to ask, how to recognize students, how to teach, how to lead, are automatic so that they cannot attract people’s attention, but they share the powerful regulatory role of institutions in the context of the work.

International Learning

International learning allows the students to improve leadership skills with different challenges and perspectives, thereby growing the individual's ability to effectively perform leadership tasks and processes.

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Hire the best leadership coaching online tutor for assistance in the subjects related to leadership from Easylore. We offer individual help with effective and valuable online classes. So, if you are searching to study the lessons of leadership, then, tap into the renowned community in online teacher coaching. 

We provide programs that are comprehensive and robust and can be personalized according to individual needs. The leadership training & mentoring courses are not only designed to utilize extensive information about that particular skill but also offer compelling insights for more engaging and hands-on learning experiences. Check out our website to know more!