Leadership Training & Mentoring in Singapore

Easylore's Leadership training & mentoring program is to make the learner a better leader, make a positive difference and indeed, respected by everyone!  Our 1:1 Online Leadership Tutors is based on the principles of learning and improving skills.

We offer experienced online teacher coaching practices for developing the integrity, personal skills, intuition and ethical behaviour required for efficient coaching.   Throughout the coaching of this program, the participants have to go through the hands-on exercises with the leadership coaching partners.

Online teacher coaching offers you the convenience of learning easily and fulfil other commitments without managing the time and travelling long.  Therefore, hire first-rate and experienced coaches from Easylore to improve your leadership skills. Our expert leadership coaching online tutors have extensive experience and can lead companies of any size, industries and growth stages. While solving problems and building opportunities, cultivate mindsets and skillsets as well!

Highly- proficient online leadership coaching program

Grab the opportunity to learn from Easylore's global industry leaders now.  The enthusiasm for coaching has helped the students strengthen their abilities and have the confidence to become leading professional coaches. We have been providing online training for a long time. Compared to other virtual learning plans that only provide content, we have designed a reasonably structured online coaching training, which is positively interactive and interested in leadership mentoring coaching. This program is meant for:

Leaders and managers

Seek to improve their ability to apply coaching skills in the work environment to get actionable results.


Seeking to get an in-depth understanding of the science to build a compelling perspective change.


Desire to help others encounter profound and enduring changes.

What you will learn from Easylore’s online leadership coaching?

The online teacher coaching will let you grasp the techniques and ideas that you can implement easily, such as:

  • Ways to improve leadership skills with powerful coaching

  • How to manage coaches to grow, engage and retain outstanding talents

  • Understand how to recognise the key requirements of employees, formulate employee development goals, make action plans and offer continuous evaluation

  • Ways to actively drive employees in ways that enhance team and individual performance

In addition to that, online leadership coaching offer learners several benefits, check them out below:

  • A set of mentoring tools that can improve your leadership mentoring methods

  • The capability to use coaching skills to adequately manage direct reports or team performance

  • Have a more extensive understanding of handling direct reports or the daily challenges of the team

  • Better understand how to help the organization in its career and professional development

  • Individual insights into the prevailing behavioural tendencies and how they encourage or hinder the leadership coaching program

  • The plan covers the advanced thinking and methods in the global online teacher coaching but will provide role-plays and case studies according to the tangible coaching situations.

  • The 1:1 Online Leadership Tutors are popular, dynamic coaches, and they will share their years of coaching experience with the learners throughout the program

How is our leadership coaching online tutoring is Efficient?

Our leadership mentoring program is guided by leadership coaching online tutors who are seasoned business managers and leaders.  The main aim of our coach is to lead and manage personnel, procedures, teams, functions, or organizations. This implies that they have deep on-the-job experience and abide by all the standards.

We know that only by forming a trust, the results can be achieved. So, we need to spend time to know a person according to where they have been and where they need to go.  We can use some of the most advanced leadership tools to be used to describe individuals or groups of people to have a broader understanding of others and themselves, where they have strengths, and where they need to be improved.

We examine your skills, and then we choose the right coach to connect with you. We have the best coaches and leadership training and coaching experts who can work with you face-to-face online and on phone.  You will notice that our 1:1 Online Leadership Tutors can connect with your situation, challenge you when needed, and support you in the areas that are most relevant to you.

Hire the Best leadership Coaches from Easylore

We screened the coaches with our strict process to assure you have the right learning experience. Most of the leadership tutors have many leadership coaching certifications. Every coach has international experience and often communicates in international time zones and national borders.

Investing in online teacher coaching training (or any related training) can be a complicated decision, which is why we like to assist to have an informed decision.

Even if you are managing entry-level employees or managers, this program will assist you to create the competencies required for effective training, develop employee abilities, solve shortcomings, and promote as leaders.

Register with us and take the trails to examine our coaching demonstration and get the experience of our learning culture and coaching approach.