Italian Classes in Singapore

Have you ever come across these words like "Solo", "Ciao"​​, "Latte", "Stiletto" or "Graffiti"? Do you have any idea from where these words have originated? To find an answer, you have to learn Italian!  

And for that, you need to hire an Italian tutor in Singapore. Easylore gives many opportunities to link with the best private Italian tutor according to your preferences. As one of the renowned providers of online classes, we work with the best Italian tutors to provide effective learning sessions.

Now you can learn at the comfort of your home, office or any other place with a reliable internet connection. The best thing is that the private Italian language lessons encourage you to have undivided attention from the tutors. Start communicating with and learning from native Italian tutors, and get a personalized education plan tailored for you. Your Easylore Italian tutors will assuredly improve your vocabulary, grammar, cultural knowledge and pronunciation, etc. Don't wait much! Approach us today!

What are the benefits of learning Italian?

If you are a native English speaker, you will be familiar with various Italian words. Both Italian and English originate from Latin, which makes the English words easy to understand by English speakers. Native English speakers usually don’t speak Italian either.

For those who understand English, the Italian voice is usually easy to understand, which is a huge help when you are learning the language. If you need additional help in Italian in a high school or university, we can help you establish a connection with a private Italian tutor to keep track of the progress of the course. By learning Italian and working hard to improve fluency, you can get opportunities to work in the best organization. 

You might have plans to travel to Italy shortly. And, your busy schedule is not letting you attend the classes in-person to learn the Italian language. Here, you can hire an Italian tutor online and can easily grasp the basic and advanced skills related. Accordingly, you can learn the language at your comfort and convenience.

Italy is a centre of philosophy, fashion, art, and history. You can experience these things without speaking Italian, but you may lose some beauty in the translation. Despite the reasons for studying Italian, Easylore is available for you to connect you with skilled and knowledgeable tutors for you to have command of the Italian language.

Private Italian Language Lessons 

The private Italian tutors are tailored to the needs and interests of individual students. In private Italian lessons, the tutor's attention is only centered on the students and their learning necessities.

The private Italian language lessons enable students to freely choose the number and duration of courses and provides a variety of options. We also suggest the lesson plans according to the learners' skills and of course for the best results. 

The Italian online lessons are perfect for those who learn Italian for work or who need to learn particular vocabulary according to their professions, like banking Italian, business Italian, medicine, law, or fashion Italian, or just want to develop personal interests in subjects, like film, art, Italian history and literature.

The private Italian tutor online lessons are suitable to be combined with the different group activities arranged by the school to complement the learning content and provide Italian social, relaxing and interactive time

Why choose Easylore for your Italian tutor search in Singapore?

Easylore is the only website that has a dedicated and proficient online Italian tutor to fulfil your needs. We will provide a wide range of student reviews for each tutor to help you filter your search to find a suitable Italian tutor.

Italian could be a difficult subject, and operating with an expert Italian teacher can really speed up your learning progress. Usually, some extra Italian tuition or classes shows a strong influence.

Easylore is here for your convenience. Start Italian classes in Singapore and find a competent Italian tutor near you immediately! Learn languages ​​online with Italian tutors anytime, anywhere. Experience the private or group learning sessions with live instruction from Easylore certified native-speaking tutors. Know below how we are better than others:

Quick results

Speak fluently in your new language faster. Spend less time studying, and spend more time on the things that are most important to you.

The Easylore Method

The immersive and proven technology or techniques are customized according to your requirements, giving you the courage and abilities to speak a new language immediately.

Cultural intelligence

Combining cultural understanding and language learning, we offer you the best experience of real-life and work in a new country.


Regardless of your learning situation or style, we will tailor a program for you to satisfy your needs. Lecture online, teach in person, learn from an Italian tutor or learn on your own.

How is private Italian tutoring different from other conventional methods?

In order to ensure that we provide you with the best quality, we have screened all teachers through interviews. Every Italian tutor has teaching certificates. Besides, we have demonstrated to them their teaching skills and ensured that they have sufficient experience.

We provide you with an Italian tutor who can assist you learn the correct spoken English-don't worry, they all communicate in English as well.

Easylore tutors connect you with expert Italian tutors for optimizing your study and preparation method. Maybe you have determined your Italian ancestry and want to learn how to correctly read the public records you find. You may also like to talk more comfortably with relatives of Italian descent nearby, etc. 

Easylore can assist you to learn better to increase your understanding of the language. Italian tutoring will be conducted in a one-on-one environment, giving you a great way to promote the academic development of the subject.

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If you are interested in improving your Italian skills, then, you have to contact Easylore either online or offline. You can communicate with our consultants and they will answer any of your queries about our various options and help you register. What are you waiting for? Approach Easylore and we will connect with the experienced Italian tutors!