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Does your busy schedule or family life not let you learn french classes?  Are you thinking to put it off? Is it the right thing to do? The French lessons online in Singapore is the solution you are looking for.

Easylore is giving you the opportunity to discover the possibilities and exciting culture of the French-speaking world. So if you are looking for French lessons that are 100% tailored according to your goals and interests, then a private french tutor is for you. Easylore will provide full attention to you from one of our experienced tutors for personalized learning plans and personalized guidance. Choose us and learn french effectively from one of the dedicated native-speaking tutors. 

Reasons to learn French in Singapore

Singapore is a dynamic and developing international city, attracts global investment and trade. The value of french lessons online in Singapore is well known for adults and the future opportunities created for children. The private french tutor in Singapore provides a comfortable and compelling way to learn French, whether at home in Singapore, at the office, or on the go. For those who have not yet been persuaded, there are many reasons to learn French in Singapore!

  • It will enable your child to succeed in French and Singapore International School exams.

  • French learning will help you understand and boost your performance in different languages.

  • By better understanding people from different cultural backgrounds, it will enhance your self-confidence and communication skills.

  • It is the second-largest foreign language teaching language in the world, following English and the fifth largest spoken language

  • It is the second language in the media for international news.

  • French is the official language of the European Union, United Nations, UNESCO, NATO and the International Court of Justice.

  • As per the prediction of the "Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie", by 2050, there will be 700 million French speakers, which is three times as many as in 2014.

  • It is mostly recognized in Europe and is an important partner in Asia.

  • As far the professional opportunities are concerned, it improves your prospects and profiles or enhances the chances of further study.

  • It enhances the chances of understanding European and romantic languages.

  • You can get more access to French literature and culture.

Why choose a French tutor in Singapore- Easylore?

Ideal Learning Environment

We particularly provide private french tutor online and small French group classes to make you learn French effectively and get benefit from the personalized attention and strong interaction of the tutor.

Personalized Follow-Up

We will tailor each study plan according to your requirements and offer personalized support to assure that you fully master French. Despite the needs you have, our online learning platform has the solution to everything.

Extensive experience

Based on our decades of experience and knowledge of our french tutors, you can expect the best French learning experience.

Consistent communication

You can expect consistent and timely communication from us. We call back immediately and respond to all emails and inquiries promptly to solve all the queries.

Affordable prices

Private french tuition in Singapore is very affordable. In order for the French tutor to pay full attention to us, our services are considered very cheap. 

Choose Easylore - The Best Asset for Learning French

We feel pride in providing successful and professional French tuition to our learners. Through the award-winning online tuition platform, you can enjoy tuition in the comfort of your home. Our expert tutors have all the skills and knowledge essential to grow and develop the understanding of key French concepts, topics, and areas of study.

If you are searching for French tuition at school, degree or professional level, or seeking help for homework or assignments, dissertations, etc., our french tutors will use a series of educational materials and applications, and their tutoring methods based on your personal needs, preferences, and ability.  

You will get support in your knowledge level, academic development, grades, scores, career prospects, and qualifications. We prioritize key learning goals to assist your child to develop abilities and provide test papers and grading services for all levels, lessons, and years of study.  

If you are an expert or beginner, require the help of university introductory courses to improve your understanding and skills, or write advanced papers or research assignments at the university level, we have tutors suitable for all budgets and needs. So, why not hire our highly skilled French tutors to help professional and mature students to learn.

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Our accelerated French Learning method makes you adapt to french four times faster.  The French tutors who register with us are specialized in teaching French with fun, especially French grammar!