Online Fitness Dance Tutor Singapore

At Easylore, our Fitness Dance Tutors in Singapore are very keen to teach kids, child or adult how to dance, and also how to use dancing as a form of exercise. Easylore provides intermediate and beginner courses and general courses at every level. We like to make the dance fun and educational at each stage of your dance.

We provide multiple classes every week to include as many student schedules as possible. The aim of Easylore is to share our love and passion for dance with everyone who walks into our door. Our dance tutor will work with every student to assist you to increase the power of dance while appreciating what you have learned. 

We understand that dance is easy; hence everyone can learn it. The online fitness dance tutor will help you find the most suitable and favourite dance style.

What Is Fitness Dance?

First of all, fitness dance stands out in traditional or technical dance, as methods and complex choreography are not the focus.

Participants do not waste months or weeks perfecting a routine performance in anticipation of performance or concert. Instead, they will show up, sweating profusely while following the coach as hard as possible and keep them feeling great about exercise. 

Most fitness dance tutors in Singapore for classes aim at cardiovascular exercise. The tutors plan an easy-to-follow choreography to keep participants working hard and raise their heart rate. This style of Zumba fitness dance is well known. Jazzercise, Zumba, Hip Hop Abs, LaBlast, Bokwa and TurboJam everything comes into this category. In other words, some slower-paced fitness dance classes in Singapore aim at different physical fitness elements.

For example, an online fitness dance tutor helps to promote balance, coordination, core flexibility and strength, while also improving the power of smaller stabilizing muscles. Similarly, pole dancing serves to improve dance styles and flexibility that combine dance with martial arts or yoga (such as Nia or Yoga Trance Dance) bring physical and mental elements to dance-focused exercises.

If you love dancing and are searching for a fun method to improve your health, then there is bound to be a dance-oriented option that suits you.

Zumba Fitness Dance to Get You Moving

Zumba classes are a great way to increase your heart rate while adding fun. The Zumba classes program discovered a way to connect Latin American dance moves with traditional bodyweight exercises for workouts that sometimes feel like a party.

Zumba courses are not just available face-to-face. Several online courses are available, and these are often more affordable (and equally fun) than individual or personalized courses. So, if you are interested in learning the Zumba classes, then, Easylore is here to assist you!

How to find the best Zumba class near me

Zumba classes are very similar in general. Therefore, for budget-friendly and informative courses, Easylore best online fitness dance tutors can help with abundant and budget-friendly plans. We embrace finding diversity (by means of length, class style, and intensity) everywhere.

All our popular fitness dance programs are affordable. Almost every program we provide allows you to access a new Zumba workout once a week, and many of them also have a large on-demand library.

How is Easylore better than other learning platforms?

Does not matter which dance course you select, we can assure you that you enjoy learning new dance moves while engaging new friends and memories.

In our dance practice class, we let our learners enjoy our favourite new and old songs! Our playlists vary from old schools to new schools. Get connected with our skilled dancers and get access to our dance exercises at the most convenient time.