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Around the globe, there are approximately 5.4 million Finnish speakers, of which 4.8 million are native speakers. In addition to four more countries that consider Finnish as a formal language, it is spoken in more countries (besides, not as an official language).

A member of the Ural language department, learning Finnish makes you first understand its seven main dialects and similar languages ​​such as Estonian. As per U.S. State Department, it takes about 1100 hours or 44 weeks to know Finnish.

Why learning Finnish is essential?

The most interesting reason to understand Finnish is travelling. Finland is full of inspiring, wonderful and well-known places that all should understand.

From the magnificent show of northern lights in the Finnish Arctic Lapland, natural scenery and ski hotels to lively architecture, historic maritime fortresses, and displays of the design district of Helsinki, the capital of Finarden, Finland attracts every visitor’s interest.  

If you don’t like Santa’s village, reindeer park, sunbathing in the sauna, or overnight in the ice hotel, that you may not be interested in, there are other reasons to learn Finnish. The most important thing is that it is an international language, spoken by about 6 million people all over the world.

Related to Chinese or English, this does not appear to be a big number, however, Finnish is one of the formal languages ​​in the European Union. It is also widely used in communities in Norway, Russia, the United States, Sweden, the Republic of Karelia and Brazil.

Also, Finnish is the official language of difficult metal music. The metal scene in Finland is the most popular scene on the globe.

The country has more difficult metal bands as compared to other countries in the world, and many people who choose to learn Finnish do so to completely appreciate the lyrics of their popular songs.

Certification of Finnish Language 

The YKI system is Finland’s official language proficiency test, and the certificate has many uses. The one language can be used to prove the language skills for applying to school or work, and to prove the capability to obtain Finnish citizenship in your language. 

Unless to manage the Finnish level, the other option is to participate in the ACTFL official speaking proficiency interview.

Speaking Finnish Abroad

The main events planned are Midnight Sun Film Festival and Midsummer Festival. While visiting Finland, assure to interact with locals, particularly about local cuisine and Lapland, like; Karjalanpiirakka (Karelian pie) and traditional Salmiakki (salty licorice).

Music, Literature and Film in Finnish

For developing the Finnish language skills, review the native language works of Aleksis Kivi and Ilmari Kianto, or check out other excellent works such as Dolce far niente and compartment 6.

As an interesting supplement to learning, turn on the music and sing the heart to Vanhojapoikia Viiksekkäitä song "Juha Vainio ja Hyvän Tuulen Laulajat". For auditory and visual immersion, find out great Finnish films, such as, "Deadly Shots" (Kahdeksan surmanluotia) and "The Winter War" (Talvisota). Your Easylore's private Finnish tutor are delighted to discuss all these issues with you and support you continue to improve.

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Flexible and economical

Choose the learning time that suits your lifestyle and learn online from anywhere. According to your needs and goals, book from a Finnish language course to a complete language course.

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Build fluency and self-confidence with effective and fun interactive Finnish language classes. Communicating with native speakers is the key to thrive, and what it means to learn to speak a foreign language.

Customized Finnish classes according to your needs

Enjoy customized lessons from the best private Finnish teachers in the globe. One-to-one tuition provides you with the motivation and support needed for your own success.

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If you want to learn Finnish, then you definitely need a private Finnish tutor. An easy search on Easylore will redirect you to a qualified and experienced tutor who can deliver the course online or in person. Before choosing a Finnish private teacher, we advise that you check out some personal information and read the comments from other students.

With a wide variety of tutors to choose from, you can find the Finnish tutor that fits your budget and schedule. After registering for a private lesson and saying hei (hello) to Finnish, you will speak as freely as a local.