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Is your child not proficient in English? Do you want them to score elusive A? Then, register them immediately to English tutors to learn English online. Easylore is a virtual learning platform that connects learners with a certified online English language tutor.    Hire us to boost your child's confidence through well-versed training in writing, spelling, grammar, and comprehension.

English Learning Classes Singapore:  Helps Your Child Succeed

Assumptions are made that English is easy to understand and does not need an extra push. But,  it is not a valid statement.  To build a strong foundation at a young age, it is important to have a command of the English language.   Considering this fact, Easylore gives English Private Tutoring Singapore to help your child master English. Our English Language Tutor assesses the learner's current English level, removes all the hurdles in their learning and teaches them until they are skilled in the subject.   With our direct guidance to them, you can relax and observe them improve and surpass their peers in using English.

Importance of Online English Tutor in Singapore

In the industry for many years, we have observed that several students fail to grasp the English language naturally. The belief of understanding the language easily leads to less mastery of it. With the ability to help the students follow the right path, English speaking classes Singapore plays an indispensable role in achieving academic success. It is an important tuition subject because:
  • English has always been the medium of teaching from primary and secondary education to the university level. That is why a full understanding of a language is essential.
  • With its thorough understanding, grasping other subjects, like, geography, science, mathematics, and history, become easy. Several other subjects, such as literature and economics, deal with extensive writing for assessment. And if you do not have mastery of English, then, it is tough to excel in these subjects. 
  • It is best to learn English by speaking and writing frequently. If the student's environment is not allowing it, then, appointing an online English tutor in Singapore can help you.
  • Registering your child for English learning classes, whether primary or secondary, enhances their English language skills. This is particularly stressful for students who need "N" and "O" grades. They need to be proficient in English to continue their learning journey in Singapore.

How Easylore Helps Teach English Online

Well, with so many options to choose for the best private English tutor, the question here is- why Easylore?  Our experienced, well-versed, subject-savvy private English tutors are the reason to choose us! We help you successfully achieve your learning goals with result-based programs.   The personalized approach and attention the learners get at Easylore cannot be compared with the English tuition centres.  We have syllabus-compliant English tuition for primary school and above.  Our English private tutoring platform is user-friendly, easily accessible and connects with the English tutor easily.  Reach us and give your child the skills to compete with their peers.

What our Online Learning network offers English language students?

Native English speakers

Our native speakers are skilled in the English language and provide useful information on phrasing and culture that cannot be learned from books only.

Personalized approach

The English tuition in Singapore is personalized as per the student's needs and specific learning stage. Instead of learning with the bulk of students in the class, you can communicate one-on-one with the experts and check the improvement in overall writing and communication skills.

Easy accessibility

Easylore gives you the convenience to access the online English classes whenever and wherever you want. Arrange the classes with your online English tutor to accommodate your other commitments, like, school or work. Learn English in Singapore in your home comfort instead of driving to a town for class.


Our English Tutors charge by the hour. The price depends on experience level, seniority and other significant factors; this way, you can choose the one that suits your budget. You can have some initial courses with other tutors to get the one that matches your budget and requirements.

Other thousand experts

Easylore is a trusted learning website for many. We have many private English tutors that you can choose according to your skills. We are continually growing to keep up with technology progression to simplify online teaching and making learning relevant and meaningful.

General English Language Statistics

Learn English to communicate with more than 1 billion people worldwide, approximately 379 million are native speakers from this figure.  Understanding the language makes you comfortable knowing people in 67 countries where English is an official language and 27 others where it is a regional language. Also, you can quickly learn more than 160 English and different West Germanic dialects. It is worth noting that English is the only primary language without any organizational guidance.

English language test brings more opportunities

Most academic institutions accept IELTS in Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand and Ireland. More than 3,000 educational institutions in the United States; and various professional organizations worldwide are also involved in the same. Significantly, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, consider IELTS to prove potential immigrants' English proficiency. IELTS uses British English, favoured by the United Kingdom and Commonwealth institutions (such as Australia and New Zealand). Whereas, TOEFL checks your English communication ability in academic settings. It is administered by a US-based organization the Education Testing Service and prefers American English only. Almost thousands of institutions in countries, like, USA, Australia and UK etc. accept TOEFL.  

Online English Tutor at Home

In-depth knowledge of English allows you to thoroughly enjoy the brilliance of Ernest Hemingway, William Shakespeare, Charles Bukowski and many other well-known writers. You can also delve into the meaning of famous poems such as "In a Station of the Metro". For those who like music, there is an extensive library of English music. It is better to give a start with Elvis Presley's "Love Me Tender". 

Get Connected with our English Tutor Now!

We know the agony of not being able to find a skilled online English tutor in Singapore, mainly for "O" level students. After hiring our experienced and qualified English tutors, your child's confidence will definitely boost.  As a reliable online tuition and learning platform, Easylore provides English tuition for primary and secondary school students. Contact us now for online English teaching classes; we are here to handle your concerns!