Emotional Intelligence Course Singapore

Everyone has the potential to make an influence in the world and to be recognised. The emotional intelligence course from Easylore is the best approach to make it happen!

Introduce an online learning platform specifically designed to help those who are willing to learn more and better understand their own experience. We know that most people only have less time to engage in activities or attend classes, so we put forward sound online emotional intelligence classes to give justice.  No matter who you are and what you do, you have the courage to do your best. Easylore's emotional intelligence training for teachers is here for your support and to make you accomplish your goals.

Aims and objective of Online Emotional Intelligence Classes

The purpose of the emotional intelligence course is to provide learners with the emotional ability to manage themselves, guide and lead others. The main aim is to accomplish organizational goals by developing relationships,  driving changes, motivating teams, and managing conflicts with these practical emotional intelligence leadership skills.

Why is the emotional intelligence course Singapore is essential?

Emotional intelligence has grown to be a key skill for leaders. Research shows that 90% of high performers have great emotional intelligence.

Many managers have been promoted due to their functional/technical skills and specialized services provided to the organization. Nevertheless, with the development of a new generation of a young and diverse workforce, many leaders without EQ skills training face difficulties in mobilizing and motivating employee performance. Emotional Intelligence is the ability to recognise and control our own emotions around us.  It is the set of emotional, social and emotional skills that manage the way we learn, interpret and expose ourselves, handle interpersonal communication and interaction with others and succeed in the challenges. Emotional intelligence skills could be acquired, developed and grown.

Emotionally intelligent leaders are fully informed of their emotions and can maintain their stability and behaviour in citing situations. They can express their thoughts, identify the emotions of others and give feedback. They can express their thoughts, recognize the emotions of others and provide feedback. Efficient EQ leaders can coach, help and fix the issues in the team members leading to the best team performance.

Choose Easylore for Best training tutors in emotional intelligence

The emotional Intelligence for emotional intelligence course in Singapore explains you about developing the capacity to control the responses or the emotional intelligence according to the objective evaluation of varied situation or personalities.

After the completion of online emotional intelligence classes Singapore, the learner will acquire the four major skills;

  • self-motivation

  • self-regulation

  • self-management

  • self-management

In addition to all this, how to interpret, how to use empathy, how to articulate and manage with the right language, the advantages with EQ in the workplace or home, etc. The newly discovered emotional intelligence training enables the learner to interact more efficiently, succeed at work and manage their personal and career goals in less time. The Emotional Intelligence Program will enable you not only to know what EQ is but also how you marked on the first EQ test. You can understand the strategies that you can consider to take emotional intelligence to the next level.

  • Know how emotions influence decision-making and relationships in different situations, leading to low resignation and morale.

  • Understand why the lack of emotional management results in the worst outcome thereby affecting customer service, sales and business performance.

  • Managing stress and agitation by observing from various perspectives will lead to higher team performance and employee retention rates.

  • Use knowledge and emotional intelligence to enhance communication with better relationship management, which will result in increased revenue and happier customers.

Our pathways of emotional intelligence training

Our emotional intelligence training is very interactive, which can bring a remarkable and pleasant learning experience. Learning can be achieved through real-life means, which strengthen theoretical knowledge and provide videos related to the topic. There will be hands-on and interactive workshops where there will be scenario-oriented activities, role play, quizzes, games and group discussions. We will provide the attendance certificate with the completion of the workshop. And you can:

  • Use transformational coaching skills for empowering the staff.

  • Accomplish composure, one emotion and behaviour in tough situations.

  • Improve the capacity to read the emotions, patterns and external cues.

  • Interact efficiently and inspire others.

  • Interact with others with compassion and manage the conversation effectively.

  • Manage conflict and incite changes.