Dyslexia Tutor in Singapore

Are you searching for a certified dyslexia teacher in Singapore for your child?  Easylore is an excellent choice to meet your requirements according to your request. 

Our dyslexia tutor provides one-to-one sessions at your home comfort in Singapore. We will turn your child's special challenges into stepping stones.  Save your online classes with our experts and professionals today; you surely will get a perfect solution!

Why hiring a dyslexia tutor in Singapore is essential?

The term "dyslexia" originates from the Greek word-dys implies difficulty, and lex means speak, so dyslexia means the difficulty of words or language. This is a learning disability that influences the way children learn to spell, read and write. In turn, this usually manifests itself as a child’s inability to manage the school work.

Dyslexia strikes both men and women the same way, as do people from different socioeconomic and racial backgrounds. It defines another way of thinking that is not related to intelligence. Despite its well-known shortcomings, it can carry surprising talents.

People with dyslexia may also experience oral language barriers, even though they have been exposed to good language models at home and received good language guidance at school. It may be difficult for them to express their opinions clearly or fully understand what others mean when they speak. These problems are usually difficult to identify, however, can cause significant problems in workplaces, schools, and other people. The impact of dyslexia extends far beyond the classroom. 

Also, Dyslexia can affect a person's self-esteem. Students with dyslexia usually feel "dumb" and are not as capable as they have to be. After being under tremendous pressure due to academic difficulties, students can be discouraged and unable to continue school. The frustration they hold usually derives from their inability to bear the expectations of their parents and teachers. 

Usually, parents and teachers observe that a smart and passionate child will do better if they work harder. Unfortunately, dyslexia will not overcome their difficulties, but learning difficulties can be overcome through specialized remedial and compensation strategies. Before frustration and failure get worse, early detection and treatment are essential.

Teaching students with dyslexia not only have good teaching skills or abilities. The teacher must keep in touch with them, care about them sincerely, and be patient with them. Therefore, as a parent, it is important to hire a Dyslexia tutor in Singapore to help your children overcome challenges and enable them to learn better.

Our Specialized approach as Dyslexia Tutor in Singapore

Online Dyslexia Tutoring is one of the smartest decisions parents can make for children who are facing learning challenges. In a group learning environment, such children and adults can be overwhelmed easily. Again, they should take standardized tests and perform well in the tests, which are structured differently from the way they view and process information.

Additionally, for assuring that all dyslexia tutors in Singapore are experienced, we have cooperated with the authorities to conduct strict background checks on all teachers. Even, we conduct thorough reviews of dyslexia tutor interested in working with children and dyslexia people. Most importantly, your child needs assistance from an expert and qualified tutor to meet the unique needs of your child.

Easylore arranges one-on-one interviews with every tutor and collects relevant reference materials to gain valuable insights into their experience and track record with children.

We use the same strategy for adults with dyslexia because, for us, the most important thing is to help children and adults for a happier and more fulfilling life. We always help with extra efforts to make our learners happy.

Your go-to online teaching platform for dyslexia tutoring in Singapore

The highlight of this programme is that it provides a strong link between the curriculum and remediation, all the while keeping in mind the child’s learning differences. The focus is on the strengths of the learner as the curriculum is explored.

  • Bridging remediation and curriculum
  • Choosing the remediation techniques based on the learner’s strengths
  • Extending the strategies and effectively adapting them to the curriculum
  • One on one sessions that encourage problem-solving
  • An explorative, creative and joyful way of learning that boosts the self-confidence of the child in the classroom

Your child is in safe hands!

In Easylpre, teaching for dyslexia is different from your regular tuition or private lessons. Our Dyslexia Tutor undergoes professional training to identify the strengths, weaknesses, and learning patterns or styles of students with Dyslexia.