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At Easylore, we will assist elementary, middle and high school students perceive their difficulties. Online Dysgraphia Tutors offer them the tools and make them learn the essential skills to overcome the challenges they face and thus learn efficiently. Dysgraphia makes it difficult to express and write down their thoughts easily even though they may have no difficulty in speaking. 

This may be because of the functions included in working memory and the production of associated sentences, or because of the poor pencil or pen motor skills when putting ideas on paper, or a mixture of these factors. In each case, learners are often frustrated and restricted by written tasks, which can result in low self-esteem or backwardness.

We customize the Dysgraphia coaching programs for every skill level and grades. In addition, completing the dysgraphia course and mastering new skills can assist improve confidence, build courage and reduce students’ anxiety and frustration in writing. Approach us for information.

Tutoring for Students with Dysgraphia

For young learners, the dysgraphia tutors will study how they operate a pen or pencil and understand if there are any differences in the changes to the writing instrument.

You can even experiment with paper (texture, line, colour) to perceive if it is a factor. For elementary school students, the dysgraphia tutor also treats rough and precise motor skills as functional exercises and adds narratives in the course and within written work. 

What is Dysgraphia?

Dysgraphia might be a brain-based learning disorder that influences writing. Like every learning disability, dysgraphia disorder is prevalent in people with ADHD.

Dysgraphia is a written expression disorder that reduces writing ability and excellent motor skills.

It is a learning disability that affects children and adults and interferes with practically all aspects of the writing process, including spelling, legibility, word spacing and sizing, and expression. It is analyzed that 5% to 20% of every child has writing disabilities, such as dyslexia.

Children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD or ADD) are common in dyslexia and other learning disabilities, like; dyskinesia and dyslexia. In Singapore, as many as half of the children with ADHD suffer from learning disabilities. Various dysgraphia symptoms are:

  • Difficulty creating letters shapes
  • They might have a strong, incompetent, or sharp grip on a pencil
  • They might have trouble staying within margins or following a line
  • The issue with sentence structure involves following rules of grammar while writing, however not when speakings
  • Issues in articulating or organizing ideas on paper
  • The pronounced difference among written or spoken understanding of a subject

How Can Easylore Help You?

Easylore provides a multi-sensory cognitive enhancement plan, which is based on teaching and neurological research and has several years of experience. These experiences show that weaker basic cognitive skills are the main cause of learning difficulties.

Particular cognitive training can reinforce these weaknesses, thereby improving spelling, reading, math, writing, and academic performance. Easylore's writing program is intended to resolve potential defects that interfere with writing, spelling and/or writing performance.

Learning tactile typing can have a decisive influence on the performance of people with writing disabilities as it makes it simply easier to express written ideas. Words flow from the fingertips to the screen without interfering with the operating pen or properly spaced characters.

Tactile reading and spelling teach tactile typing in a multi-sensory method with a modular strategy, which permits every student to progress at a pace that suits them.

Can Online Dysgraphia Writing Tutoring Cure Dysgraphia? 

Dysgraphia disorder is not a disease. So far, there is no physiological structure that can explain this disease. Our philosophy is compatible with the most cutting-edge views of educational psychology. We believe that tutors with phonics must work harder with students to deliver identical results as "neurotypical" students. For caring parents, this is a double-edged weapon.

Although the dysgraphia disorder will never go away, the strategies adopted by the tutor of the phonetic disorder will give learners the confidence required to operate at a higher level in several cases, it seems that the problem with writing is mild A burden, not a serious problem.

Individual Dysgraphia Learning Help with Easylore Skilled Tutors

We are pleased about our outstanding track record. This record has guaranteed strong dysgraphia tutoring and learning support from middle school, elementary school, high school to university.

The trust that the dysgraphia tutor instilled in the children is indeed encouraging, however, more importantly, this is our business. This shows us that dyslexia is a learning difference that can be fixed (if not overcome) with expert one-to-one learning help.

Learn more with us!

Built-in opportunities and feedback to repeat lessons promote self-directed learning. If you want to know more about how the Dysgraphia learning support program and tutoring can help families in Singapore and overseas, please feel free to contact us.