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Are you familiar with learning disabilities that make it difficult for your child to understand numbers and other mathematical concepts? 

A child suffering from such disabilities creates conflicts for kids to comprehend numbers and other math concepts. And, this math-related learning disability is called Dyscalculia. However, Easylore is here to lessen out your worries and provide privately tailored tutorings from extraordinary tutors in one-to-one settings who help students with learning disabilities. 

Easylore is the leading online platform that offers a wide range of online tutors and high-quality services that directly assist and enhance the lives of Dyscalculia of all ages. Our online Dyscalculia tutors provide full-assistance and advice to children with effective support. Our platform connects the students with qualified and highly-skilled instructors that contribute to providing adaptable scheduling. The platform always attempts to offer an exceptional experience due to its 100% tutor satisfaction guarantee.

So, with Easylore, you won't only be able to find a Dyscalculia's specialist in the first place, but also be able to get the online lessons without any fuss.

Why Dyscalculia Online Lessons in Singapore is Essential?

Dyscalculia or math disorder is a condition that makes it difficult for a child to acquire all the mathematical skills. The main symptoms associated with Dyscalculia are:

  • Hard to understand - which of two digits is greater than other,

  • Delay in learning to count

  • Difficulties in remembering numerical facts

  • Trouble in linking spoken numbers to quantity

  • Poor fluency in the identification of numbers

  • Find difficult to add or subtract simple single-digit numbers mentally

  • Lacking working memory capacity

And the reason behind this learning disability can be genes and heredity, brain improvement, atmosphere and specific types of brain injuries. Children born prematurely are at a greater uncertainty for math-related learning disabilities.

Children with Dyscalculia often face difficulties to adopt cognitive skills, including working memory, planning, identification, and others. It affects students differently according to their age. For some students, it becomes too difficult to memorize basic math facts, while others may find it hard to understand the mathematical concepts. 

So, how do you know if your child has Dyscalculia? Depending on age, students may show different signs:

In Primary Students:

  • Has difficulty in making the relationship between number words and number symbols (For example, 2 and two),

  • Has trouble in counting,

  • Become hard to identify the colour, shapes and patterns

  • Avoid showing interest in counting and math concepts.

In Middle School Students:

  • Has difficulty in learning the direction, left and right,

  • Has trouble understanding basic number facts such as number bonds (For example, 2 + 3 = 5)

  • Poor understanding of the math signs of confusion with the terms (+,-,*),

  • Difficulty to determine the difference between greater than and smaller than sign,

  • Putting numbers in the wrong column,

  • Still, count the numbers on fingers.

In High School Students:

  • Struggles with understanding graphs and charts,

  • Difficult to calculate the equations in daily life, such as telling time, estimating and working with money

  • Has difficulty in understanding reasoning methods and multi-step calculation procedure,

  • Has trouble in finding the right way to answer the same problem

  • Difficulty remembering basic logics and concepts,

  • High level of mathematics anxiety.

Dyscalculia also consists of fear of solving many other concepts related to fractions, geometry, algebra, statistics and probability. But, without the assistance of a professional and highly-proficient tutor, a student can never get over the anxiety of maths. 

So, if your child undergoes a hard time struggling with boring lectures of mathematics, Dyscalculia home lessons online in Singapore improve interpersonal and self-confidence. Don't let your child battle with the fear of passing tough courses, standing in the way of your child's career. With the assistance of a private Dyscalculia tutor online, your child can increase his/her learning abilities and overcome the problems of dyscalculia.  

How Easylore Improves the Learning Abilities Of Your Child?

If your child is struggling with the identification of numbers, Easylore provides easy access to Dyscalculia online lessons. All you need is a computer, tablet or smartphone with an internet connection. Our team will help in choosing the right tutor after testifying your child's learning capabilities and provide plan strategies accordingly that make him/her proficient in maths' calculations.

Easylore's online Dyscalculia tutoring for children and adults aims to educate them with the right techniques and spur the cognitive abilities most affected by this learning disorder. With each of our online sessions, you'll see an improvement in your child's performance and other activities that bring confidence in their work and social life. 

Our overall goal for tutoring Dyscalculia is to enhance mathematical abilities with successful teaching strategies. We train the brain by building and strengthening different cognitive patterns. Our different strategies associate children with real-life mathematical connections, which further make it easy to grasp the mathematical concepts. Hence, helping a child with Dyscalculia means improving working memory, making mathematical connections in multiple contexts; and developing a mind for understanding the difference between various numbers.

So, if you believe your child may need help with Dyscalculia, the tutors of Easylore will assist you in every possible way. Our online platform provides a private Dyscalculia tutor online in Singapore. The strategies, techniques and lessons we provide during the course address your child's specific requirements. 

What Benefits Of Working With Dyscalculia Tutors Near Me?

Tutoring kids with Dyscalculia online is completely distinct from acting in a classroom. Doesn't matter where your child is lacking behind in learning abilities? We provide all the required procedures and tactics that are exclusively customized to the demands of your kid. 

The topics narrated during the course are adaptable and based on where your child requires the most assistance instead of what is available on the class program. We aren't only obliged to prepare current homework or an exam, but we also help the child in improving the foundational knowledge that is basic for learning current lessons.

First, our tutors will understand your child's learning capabilities and then plan the strategies accordingly that work best for him/her. We develop tactics and techniques that include things like a visual study program or a schedule of materials to be studied during the sessions. Once your child receives help from one of our skilled Dyscalculia tutors, it takes the burden off from parents. This further helps the parents to spend more quality and entertaining time with the child.

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