Online Drum Lessons Singapore

Is playing the drums your passion? Playing it has its own benefits. Not only can you exercise by drumming, but also, burn calories and sweat, and assist you to have good coordination!

Experience the online drum lessons in a whole new way, making you the drummer you desire to be. Master your rhythm, theory, coordination, and play wonderful songs with drums online classes with Easylore in Singapore.

Conceptual Learning with Best Drum Tutors Online

Learning drums may be available at the beginning, but without a correct understanding of the theories, the journey may be short.

With the drums online classes, we not only hope that you can play the drums but also assist you to grasp the concepts behind playing. By grasping the concepts, can you change these techniques and exercises outside of the drum class and integrate them into the drum class. We want to play the sound you feel comfortable with and eventually develop a sound, and we aim to give you this platform at an economical cost.

Specialized Online Private Drum Lessons

Through years of teaching online from online drum tutors, we have created a specific drum syllabus that can be adjusted according to your specific drumming needs in your learning journey of drums.

Exclusive courses of learning drum online

In your drums online classes, you can access a proprietary online platform with animated drum symbols and multi-angle recording to guide you with the journey of exploration in the drums.

Strategize the Learning Direction

If you are in the middle of the drum learning process or are just starting out, contact us, we can provide you with suggestions with a comprehensive drum course to help you achieve your goals.

Have fun learning online drum lessons Singapore from Easylore

Somewhere in everyone's heart is an enthusiastic drummer. At Easylore, we encourage changing those passionate finger taps, beats, and rhythmic percussion with structured courses, therefore our customers can learn drum lessons in our institution.

Our online drum tutors use a non-restrictive approach to explain the joy of drumming, not only individually but also collectively. We understand that when a smiling face leaves the classroom, it will lay the foundation for the passionate feedback the next day, which will improve their enthusiasm, excitement and desire to understand what the tutor will teach in the next lessons. With music, we can assist you not only to be a passionate learner, but also a rising star. There is no time like now to start online private drum lessons. The general features we will cover are:

  • Playing with song
  • Understand notation
  • Basic rudiments
  • Fills
  • Grooves

Find your musical talent with Online Private Drum Lessons

When you turn on some music, listen and believe if there is no drum sound. It sounds plain and faint. Drums are the backbone of each genre and are essential for making music and including musical texture to pop, rock, jazz and other music.

Drums give music a sense of rhythm, and learning this drum can help you understand music more enjoyable. Since drum rhythm must firmly grasp the foundation of music, you will eventually develop musical ears faster. Also, you can gain the rhythm while learning to drum. If you are just starting to learn the basics, have reached an advanced level or somewhere in between, the drum courses are open to children and adults in Singapore.

Our professional teachers and instructors will provide you with powerful drum theory, drum technique training, and practical drum methods and a wonderful journey of percussion instruments.

If you are currently accepting a new hobby or perfecting your drumming skills, even if you are a beginner with no musical experience, we can shape the drumming course according to your needs. Get in touch with us now!