Dance Classes in Singapore

Are you looking for customized, tailor-made online dance classes Singapore? From Waltz, Chacha, to Bachata, Easylore plans everything for you. Talk to us today about personalized Dance classes in Singapore for you.

For private dance classes Singapore, Easylore's online dance classes and training offers a very interesting and meaningful way to enjoy the dance. The learners acquire additional opportunities to love and perform the additional technical challenges offered by these advanced courses from 1:1 Online Dance Tutors.

Online Dance Lessons in Singapore

Competition training provides a higher level of dance training for the children. The learners can start performing competitive dances at the age of 5.

In the first few lessons of the dance school year, students will learn the basic steps and techniques that will be involved in the dance steps. This time is used as an audition to let the 1:1 Online Dance Tutors understand the team’s danceability. This supports the teacher to improve the dance basics.

The learners will learn challenging choreography in the next few months and then perfect the dance performance and the skills. The  Easylore hosts many competitions each year and may participate in international competitions. In these competitions, the learners will judge their routines according to the students in the local and international competition schools.

All About Easylores' Dance classes in Singapore

Easylore Online Dance Tutorial Singapore is an online learning platform in Singapore that is committed to giving students high-level artistic dance education to encourage and cultivate excellence in art.

Promote and preserve the art of dance with education, performance and promotion. The academy’s training focuses on classical ballet training as the basis for every dance class.

The training will equip complete dancers, emphasizing technique, strength, knowledge and artistic expression. The learn hip hop dance online presents dance programs for people of every age, such as jazz, ballet, tap, lyrical, contemporary and hip hop.

Our academy is open to students of every age over 2 years old who are engaged in seeking comprehensive dance performance and training opportunities in a creative and fun environment.

Online Dance Classes Singapore for Every Diva

Whether you are a novice or an advanced dancer seeking deep training, you can however enjoy the dance classes at home and keep an effective lifestyle.

Each online dance class is carefully designed by pioneers in dance styles and coveted choreographers. The best thing about learning dance online is that you can dance wholeheartedly without bearing the pressure of performing in a huge class. 

You can wear anything while performing. For most of our customers, this means T-shirts/yoga pants, tennis shoes and tank vests. If the high heels, leotard or fancy dress are more in line with your style, then live the best life! 

Now, you can learn hip hop dance online, the fundamental elements of dance and movement, and practice basic dance steps from our highly skilled and experienced dancing tutors. You will also learn about rhythm and timing while developing coordination.

As the online dancing session progresses, you will also learn complex movements and advanced techniques. We will concentrate on personal expressions while improving your endurance, musicality, coordination and flexibility.

Our courses are designed to maintain your technical skills while expanding your practice. The online dance courses are fast-paced and require you to be grooving and moving.

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Despite social distancing, joining the dancer community online is a wonderful (safe) means to keep in touch with others.

Unlike the elliptical trainer, the dance also has a social element, which is a more attractive option for many people. We are all goddesses who love sports. Get along with like-minded women while giving yourself a chance to come forward.