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Easylore provides several contemporary dance courses, suitable for people of all ages and abilities, from small children, beginners to college students. You will notice that our class is encouraged and welcomed because our goal is to make every learner feel at home in the new dance sessions.

You can learn more about Easylore and learn about our community through the demo course. We provide contemporary dance classes in Singapore, from 5 years old to teenagers, professional dance classes, adult beginners and masterclasses for college students and professional dance groups.

We offer Singapore dance courses online. We provide dance classes in Singapore, with professional and highly skilled dance artists. The focus of the team is to take dance lessons with learners who are really passionate about dancing, imaginative and creative.

All About Contemporary Dance

Usually, contemporary dance is like free-motion, or similar to the dance steps in classical ballet. It is closely related to classical ballet methods, however, the choreography is very different and cannot usually be regarded as any particular dance style, although different dance styles usually affect many movements.

Generally, it is slow and lyrical, but it can be in any form, even in any kind! It needs a high level of expression and emotion for making the action impressive. Our well-trained faculty and staff have considered every professional knowledge to design courses suitable for dancers of every level, from novices to experts pursuing perfect art form.

Therefore, if you are searching for "contemporary private dance tuition near me" in an interactive environment that can challenge yourself, and love for physical creativity and kinesthetic flow, then this will be your best choice.

Why are contemporary dances essential in Singapore?

Dancing also offers a fun space for a person to socialize and communicate with others. With the growing popularity of technology, many people may perceive themselves as linked to their mobile phones all the time. Being completely involved in the dance class can disconnect you from the digital environment.

It gives you an opportunity to experience the space and keep your mind and body healthy at all times. The dance class will stimulate your core, the dynamic arrangement of your body, and strengthen the joints of the spine, feet and hands. In addition to increasing the range of motion, dancing can also improve your expressiveness by honing your body's accuracy, concentration and collective/spatial awareness. Fundamentally, it is also fun! The dance classes from contemporary dance teachers are open-ended, strengthening people and dancers at each stage, strengthening physical and mental connections, and improving energy efficiency.

Easylore for best Contemporary dance classes in Singapore

The Indian contemporary dance classes in Singapore allows you to move, turn upside down, lose balance and regain control. The classes or course are designed to keep you interacting with your grooves, you will enhance your body consciousness by knowing the challenging coordination musicality and skills, movement patterns, and moving more smoothly. Below are the benefits of learning dance from a contemporary dance instructor.

Benefits of learning contemporary dance from Us

Dancing gives us a whole body workout comprising endurance, balance and strength. Also a form of exercise, it fits both physical and mental health advantages. Below are some of the benefits of contemporary dance:

Intensifies endurance and strength 

As a very dynamic dance form, contemporary dance aims at personal core flexibility and strength. It uses modern dance ballet and floor dance legs, blending various techniques from various genres. With regular dance exercises, this routine helps strengthen muscle strength, promote posture, and enhance endurance.

Imaginative thinking

Inspired by various dance styles, contemporary dance continues to evolve day by day. Unlike different choreography forms, contemporary dance promotes spontaneous movement and self-expression. Concentrating on the use of muscles and body weight, this dance form develops the creativity of dancers and can use their body movements to use space.

Reduces stress

Same as other dance forms of physical activity, contemporary dance releases endorphins. As a natural pain reliever, endorphins can help improve the mind and body and reduce stress.

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