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Are you searching for a computer science tutor Singapore? Do you want to improve your kid's grade in computer science? If that is so, then, you are at the right place! Easylore is the most reliable and renowned name in computer science tutoring online. We offer professional and the best online computer science tutors in Singapore. 

Whether you are a learner or anyone who needs to acquire the basics of a computer fundamental at the comfort of your home, our computer science tutoring online is for everyone.

Why is learning computer education essential in Singapore?

In Singapore, computer education is meant for primary school students. With the supervision of computers, the learners can search online for the content and information about their questions for better perception. This is also advantageous to housewives, professionals, and businesses. In order to keep pace with the digital world, computer knowledge is essential, because the Internet and computers have become a requisite component of modern life.

Almost all institutions, companies, universities and schools in the globe depend mostly on computers to meet their regular needs, and Singapore is one of the most famous global IT centres in the world, which obviously means having computer knowledge is convenient and improved for you. 

Computer science tuition in Singapore

Are you a:
  • Parents with a child who is learning computer science modules.

  • For a student pursuing a degree in computer science, your task is to submit programming assignments before the exam.

  • Professional staff engaged in programming, require real assistance to help you.

  • People who are discouraged with outdated and difficult to master online programming courses

You might be worried of:
  • Your child's grades in the school or university where he needs to have a high score.

  • Your lab work will get results where you want high scores

  • You want to upgrade your skills and maintain job security for employability

Easylore: The Agile Computer Science Tuition

Learning computer science is neither dry nor difficult with Easylore. With the unique and effective strategies, we assure that learners ace their examinations by even intercepting the computing passion.


Inclusive pre-tuition diagnostics courses to classify important sections of concern.

Computational and Coding Thinking Fundamentals

A well-organised teaching system that can create a foundation for learners before continuing to learn data structures and complicated algorithms.

One to One Learning Methods

Each student is different, so, Easylore tutor will customize the teaching according to each student's learning requirements. You can learn on your own and at the same time get comprehensive support in each step.

Real-Life Applications

Experience the interesting opportunities of the real technology industry through computer science tutors Singapore professional network.

Why Choose Easylore for Computer Science Tuition in Singapore?

In addition to language-oriented tutors, we also have computer tuition tutors who can demonstrate computer science ideas and assign assignments for you.

We know that you need to deal with many topics, and in such a short period of time, you will be under tremendous stress and pressure. Hence, the dropout rate in computer science is high. Easylore understands that as an undergraduate, it is much competitive, and you have to juggle school and competition in the computer session. Due to the popularity of artificial intelligence and the success of startups, computer science is a remarkably popular degree program in modern years.

As a principal computer science tuition in Singapore, Easylore is committed to providing results-oriented tuition services for professionals and students. This is why we have become the most popular platform in Singapore.

  • We have result-oriented and qualified tutors only

  • We will find you get the best tutor in24 hours

  • Easy registration method

  • No daily commuting and at the comfort of your home

  • Flexible hourly rates

  • We track the tutors’ progress

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Easylore gives you results-oriented and experienced computer science tuition for class 12, so that you are skilled in computer operations, from basic knowledge to advanced programming languages.

All computer science tutors Singapore have a group of computer graduates, full-time tutors and mostly from the Ministry of Education. Before listing with Easylore, every computer science home tutors are screened and verified.

We will be pleased to hear from you, to get a quick assessment of tutors, do not hesitate. Approach us to get your most efficient teacher for computer science tuition now.