Music Composing Lessons Singapore

Have you ever wondered how to convert a music or melody that hums in the shower into complete music? If these issues appear familiar, or you are a newborn musician and want to learn more about songwriting methods, then this is the music composing lessons Singapore for you. In this music theory lessons Singapore, students will go through rhythmic studies, learn melodic composition, harmonisation and music arrangement. 

Easylore is a community of enthusiastic and experienced music tutors, influencers, dreamers and professionals. Encouraged by the passion for music, it can support music students and musicians in Singapore to accomplish their goals.

Music Composing Lessons Singapore

Easylore offers music composition and arrangement courses for music students or lovers with musical awareness. Our award-winning and prestigious music theory lessons Singapore can take your arrangement skills and music creation to new heights!

Through the music theory knowledge learned from music theory teachers, the tutor can efficiently understand the music fragments to be expressed. With the understanding of music theory learnt from a composition listening analysis tutor, one will then effectively perceive however a chunk of music is meant to be expressed. 

The course package we offer includes music theory or abrsm music theory lesson Singapore and different grades music theory. We also have knowledge in teaching theory to students majoring in piano and other musical instruments.

Benefits Of Music Composition Lessons

Learning music can bring many advantages to young children and adults. When you or your kid plays music subconsciously, everyone around you is reducing their stress level, which will also increase your state of knowledge, make you change your mood, and decrease anxiety and stress.

Music has an important role to play in the growth of every child. There is no uncertainty that when children learn music, their minds will start to hear and process various sound types, which encourages them to grow stronger nerves. The physiological distinction distinguishes various sounds types that can actually stimulate the brain. It can promote the development of children's academic performance, especially in reading skills and language acquisition.

Music can also improve physical skills so that the mind and body can work together, so that your child can be exposed to music in the initial development process, thereby helping them learn the meanings of words and sounds.

Music leads us to different cultures, it allows us to build a more powerful character, improve discipline, patience, dedication, perseverance, improve self-esteem and promote social development skills.

For adults and children, music serves to improve their memory and motor skills, enabling them to exercise self-expression. For the elderly, musical instrument playing is a different way of exercise. By enjoying music, it can relieve pain, enhance the immune system and help memory.

Who should attend the music theory lessons Singapore

  • Music lovers or students who want to write, compose and arrange music.

  • Arrangers or composers with preceding experience or knowledge who like to improve their skills will also learn some different methods.

  • Suitable for students who must complete A-level, O-level, and IB music courses.

Music Composing Lessons Singapore

These are simply excerpts from the genuine composition lessons we have conducted. Although it can be fully tailored to the current level, our standard curriculum is much deeper than others.

Essential Music Theory

Although this is not a deep study of music composing lessons Singapore, some fundamental knowledge of music theory (like; chord progression, primary and secondary keys) will improve the song creation ability. This section is held fun, short, and effective! Understanding the concepts is apparent with our high-quality composition listening analysis tutor method!

Musical Studies

Without rhythm, music has no private foundation. Know the various beats and find the most suitable rhythm for the song. Be astonished how small improvements to the song speed would affect the transmission. Manage the rhythm for making the song exciting.

Song Arrangement

Learn about song scripture, introduction, and chorus. Understand to build tension, create song hooks, and perform musical resolution. Get the answer if you need to change the bridge, guitar solo, or keyboard. Acquire the basics of difficult musical arrangements.

Song Dynamics

In short, "song dynamics" relates to volume. Learn about how the dynamics of songs attract listeners, engage them and generate climax. Avoid manipulating the volume of the instrument to write a flat-sounding song, and use this to set the atmosphere of each part of the song.

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Easylore has a community of dedicated and passionate music tutors, professionals, dreamers and influencers. Inspired by the love of music, we can help music students and musicians in Singapore fulfil their goals.