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 Do you admire the beauty and art of Chinese painting? But, unable to find an affordable Chinese painting class in Singapore? Learn and deepen your understanding of painting and improve your level of creativity with Easylore.   Our experienced tutors are known to teach Chinese painting for beginners to masters. With our interactive teaching environment, you can easily grasp the fine points of painting plants, flowers, and fish etc. in Chinese colour ink. Doesn't matter if you have a background in the Chinese language or art, we will make you skilled!

The philosophy behind Chinese Painting 

Chinese brush painting is an artwork form that originated thousands of years back. It belongs to the application of rice paper or also known as Xuan Paper (宣纸). The veneer of the formula containing rice (later also including mulberry) can understand and release ink to form rice paper. Usually, the art of Chinese painting includes philosophical concepts. Like different Chinese traditions, it is divided into multiple styles related to themes, techniques and styles. This art is one of the oldest continuous traditions in the world. Nowadays, its old-style is called guóhuà in China, which means "native painting" or "national", it is contrary to the Western art style famous in China in the 20th century. Similar to calligraphy, the philosophy of Chinese painting is normally done with brushes dipped in coloured or black ink, mostly on silk or paper. The end product can be positioned on a reel and hung. Traditional paintings were also performed on the porcelain, walls and lacquerware. Chinese painting consists of two major techniques:
  • “Gong-bi (工笔)” or meticulous attention to detail, particularly for portraits,
  • “xie yi (写意)” or freehand, particularly for landscapes.
Distinguishing between the Chinese brush painting from western painting is easy. When you will notice the black ink on the paper; it is certainly the one. Visually, some are proper black and white, while others are in colour. Particularly, some define the painting as a quiet scene and some define it as a story. In terms of style, some can be completely graphic perfection, but others pay more attention to its symbolic value.  Chinese ink brush painting aims to relentlessly pursue a transient state of mind. Even if it is architecture, flowers, insects or mountains, they are all common themes. Picture value endures only when the content is balanced and concise throughout the painting.

Chinese Brush Painting Lessons in Singapore

"Chinese painting", reflects the Chinese national consciousness, its aesthetic character, and its predisposition. Demonstrates ancient Chinese peoples' understanding of nature, society, and other associated social aspects such as politics, philosophy, religion, morals, and art. Traditional Chinese painting emphasizes "outward learning of nature, earning inner gain in one's heart", harmonizing the exterior/nature and the interior/heart to create the artistic conception.  It requires that "the composition is already conceived before starting to paint and the finished work must represent the precise aspiration of the artist". Its goal is to represent spiritual character through physical form, as it possesses both form and spirit, as well as a vivid spiritual resonance. Those interested in Chinese brush painting should start learning it now. The online Chinese painting classes in Singapore provide the nuances and techniques behind and let you create contemporary or traditional artwork. In the training, you will be introduced to the colour pigments, medium of Chinese ink, water and other brushers to make wonderful scenery, trees, and flowers.  

Easylore: Start your love of Chinese painting here!

Boost your artistic senses, know how to make your own traditional or contemporary Chinese artwork from our Chinese painting classes. We let you learn Chinese watercolour painting and improve your calligraphy skills. Boost imaginative discipline and self-expression through the responsiveness of rice paper, pressure and speed of pointed Chinese brushes. Additionally, students can also grasp the techniques of colouring and drawing. Our classes are for kids and adults as well. The purpose of basic painting is to enable students to make a solid first step in using the preferred medium. From tutorials, demonstrations and lectures, the students can practice painting from the transcriptions and still-life. Our goal is to make student:
  • Learn the basic knowledge of painting and sketch functions.
  • Learn and apply monochrome and multi-colour palettes.

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Passionate about learning the oldest artistic traditions in the world? Influenced by the simple brushwork of Chinese brush painting to form a beautiful painting? Register with us and learn the art.