Online Chess Lessons

Are you looking for interactive online chess classes for your child in Singapore? Easylore provides online chess classes in-person or online. 

Our certified chess tutors teach the chess fundamentals to make the student think analytically with solid reasoning abilities. These skills are essential to solve problems and gives them solutions quickly.  

Start your chess journey with us now and experience 1:1 online classes at your home comfort.

Importance of Learning Chess Online in Singapore

Chess is an exercise that develops one’s cognitive intelligence. It is for all ages; children under five can also quickly and easily master the basics. In Singapore, online chess classes for children are becoming more and more popular. Several schools in Singapore now integrate chess training into their everyday learning to encourage children to improve effective thinking skills, reasoning, and IQ. Below are the reasons that justify that why learning chess is important:

Boosts brain growth

Just as a football player trains his leg muscles faster, chess pieces also require training the brain; it is the most important element for achieving excellent results. 

Top chess experts understand that chess is tailored to meet your brain functions. This is a mental exercise. Singapore children’s online chess classes stimulate their brains and encourage them to perform best in the classroom. Additionally, it promotes the capacity to remember things. Children should know that learning chess is a unique memory exercise as it helps people understand the movements of the pieces, such as the way the pieces move, which strategy is great, which opening moves are meaningful, etc.

Strengthens problem-solving skills

Chess is a game of infinite possibilities that enables children to see things from many perspectives. Since it is a skill and strategy board game, online chess courses for children in Singapore have become more and more popular. Chess is significantly related to great puzzles. To take action, chess players should use problem-solving skills to decide which actions they should take to get the best board result. As chess players advance and start playing time-limited games, chess trains students on how to solve the problem immediately and which move is most useful. 

Assists in abstract reasoning

Abstract reasoning can stimulate flexible thinking, creativity, judgment and problem-solving skills. In Singapore, online chess courses for children help them develop their abstract reasoning skills by identifying patterns on the game board and promoting strategies according to the patterns. Problem-solving and abstract reasoning ability are complementary to each other. It makes these two the most helpful skills acquired in learning chess from an early age.

Help stay calm in pressure

Whether at school, home, or among our peers, all of us have to deal with some pressure. Some sports activities allow us to relax under pressure. Online Chess Lessons is an excellent game to exercise nerves. In Singapore, the chess lessons for children include timed moves. They must keep track of their current position on the board and find the best move before the timeout.

Help practice self-control

Self-control is a virtue in chess. It’s not easy to think and improve your position on the board for a long time. The game of chess can last for several hours, and then one player wins the other. That’s because, every move is determined, planned and performed carefully. Therefore, staying calm while playing chess can prevent you from making the wrong moves. Even a small drop in concentration may lose pawns, or an overly offensive move may lead to opposing players’ resurgence.

Easylore- Best Chess coach in Singapore

Satisfy your urge to learn Chess with Easylore’s intuitive and convenient online tuition program. With the world becoming a smaller place, it can be fruitful to arm yourself with the knowledge of more than one skill. It is a great way to boost your cognitive ability. Easylore provides its clients with a platform that makes learning chess all the more convenient and pragmatic. With Easylore, you know from some of the best chess online tutors in Singapore, and you do so at the comfort of your home. 

Our chess plan is extensive, modular and structured. Children as young as five years old can learn chess in a fun and exciting way. They can quickly learn the game, chess pieces, movement of chess pieces, easy capture and defence of chess pieces, and different essential aspects of board games, like, check, checkmate and stalemate.  

The ultimate method is to help students learn and enjoy the game and ultimately instil good value through learning chess. Thinking skills is an essential trait that chess promotes. All it requires you to think patiently, not pushing one’s own efforts. 

Learn with utmost convenience

Chess is a game that puts heavy emphasis on your psychological ability to outsmart your opponent. As such, it is one of humanity's greatest artistic and scientific achievements. No wonder why many would love to master this strategic board game. We at Easylore bring a platform that allows you to learn Chess in Singapore from our expert trainers. 

We are home to amazing chess tutors that understand the game inside and out and thus device classes that are comprehensively effective while never compromising on the thrill of playing chess. 

Our online tutors spearhead classes that bequeath you with all the fundamental aspects of chess and arm you with strategies that can turn you into an expert chess player. The trainers here are intuitive enough to analyze your strengths and weaknesses to design a course structure that best suits the student. 

With Easylore, you decide the class you would like to take, choose where you would like the classes conducted, and determine your conditions for the class if any. We will ensure that your conditions are abided by our chess tutors in Singapore at your convenience, thus making sure you have the best possible learning experience with us. 

Chess is a game that requires a substantial amount of patience and discipline to master. Our chess tutors ensure these qualities taught to you in the course's duration, so you can eventually go toe to toe with other game experts and have a thrilling session of chess.