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Do you want to learn to write Cantonese? If yes, then, you have chosen the right page. Easylore is here for teaching Cantonese online from highly skilled and able Cantonese teachers. We stimulate your progress, double the fun, and increase every beginner's chance of converting you into an expert player. Learning this way is easy, reasonably priced work and gives fruitful results.

Our Cantonese trainer online works with students of every age: teenagers, children, adults, and also the elderly. The class Singaporean covers every single perspective of Cantonese, such as letters, grammar, vocabulary, dialects, cognition, pronunciation, etc.

They can provide you with advanced reading, writing, and speaking skills and advice, and assist you to acquire good habits to improve the learning experience and achieve the goals quicker.

Interesting facts about Cantonese

Cantonese (广州话 or 廣州話) is a language originating near Guangzhou (i.e. Hong Kong and Guangzhou) in southern China and is generally considered to be a prestigious dialect of Cantonese.

It is also commonly used in overseas Chinese communities in Southeast Asia (Singapore and Malaysia), Brazil, Canada, Cuba, Peru, Panama, New Zealand, Australia, United States, and Europe and it is the third most prevalent language in the country.

Benefits to Learn Cantonese online easylore

Probability to switch among face-to-face and online classes

At Easylore, depending on the availability, you will have the possibility to take online and in-person courses.

10X proficiency

With Easylore, you can perform proficiency tests and rapid language assessments to find the level that meets your requirements. We have tabulated the various levels as per your proficiency.

Efficient and fast learning

You will progress quickly and understand program levels in a practical and agile way.

Improving knowledge beyond just language

The Cantonese lessons Singapore focuses on teaching beyond the language. You will learn a new culture directly with experienced and local teachers while indulging in the language.

Why learn Cantonese online with Easylore

Easylore Cantonese class Singapore offers the practicality you have perpetually required to acquire a new language in the best possible way. 

In the online course, you can choose the time of the class so that you can make greater use of it and provide an appropriate schedule to adapt to the language learning of the day. We also offer a wealth of courses for those who want to instantly and efficiently learn about the business trip, language ability interview and job assignment.

Easylore provides you with a variety of online Cantonese courses to choose from and allows you to learn in Singapore. Here you can get a program that satisfies your schedule, learning style, and goals.

If you are an intermediate, beginner, or advanced student, our 1:1 Online Cantonese Tutors from different backgrounds gives you an ideal choice that suits your skill level and interests.  Each tutor expertise is categorized in their profile and provides detailed information about their experience, student feedback, photos, and course availability.

Those taking online courses can study at their own suitability, enjoy more favourable prices, and can choose from more Cantonese tutors across the country. If you have ever attended a class online, then, you surely will prefer our interactive TakeLessons class.

We promise to provide a personalized experience that beats your expectations. Although, we are very committed to your ease, so in your first class, we will provide all new learners with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Experienced and well-versed Cantonese trainer online

Easylore's private Cantonese courses are fully customized according to your areas of specialization or work content.

We will carefully choose the tutors to assure that their character and values match the values ​​of the school. We will only use trained native speakers to teach all languages ​​to assure the quality of our learning sessions.

By continuously evaluating the experiences and skills, we will only retain and recruit the best tutors in their respective fields. Contact us for more information.