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Understand the Bulgarian language offline or online from a Bulgarian tutor in Singapore. The Bulgarian course online will be taken by the Bulgarian Tutor from Easylore directly and are personalized according to the specific needs of the learner. Learn Bulgarian from 1 1 online Bulgarian tutors efficiently. Get assistance and have fun in understanding a new language!

Facts about the Bulgarian language

Bulgarian has 9 million native speakers and 1 million who speaks it as a second language, a total of 10 million.

Additionally, Bulgaria as the official language, and (but not an official language) is also used in seven other countries. The most astonishing fact is that there are 56 dialects! Besides, understanding the language can also make it simple for you to get Macedonian and other languages ​​of southern East Slavic.

 As per the FSI of the US State Department, receiving a Bulgarian takes approximately 1,100 hours or 44 weeks.

Why is learning the Bulgarian language essential?

Easylore Bulgarian tutors are highly skilled and assure that you will feel at home when travelling, visiting off the beaten track or participating in fun activities such as, Rose Festival.

Stop at Humour Carnival or Varna and allow your Bulgarian knowledge to glow. Amid the trips, you will taste delicious dishes while savouring national cuisine. Always ask the residents regarding the magic of making Lukanka (sausage) and real Shopska salad.

Also, if you can't travel, studying from a private Bulgarian tutor online will allow you to appreciate literature. Know Georgi Markov and Ivan Vazov in their local language. In addition, engage yourself in the incredible experience of the Epic of the Forgotten or Party Headquarters. 

Contrarily, for additional active language activities, sing with Valya Balkanska's "Izlel ye Delyo haydutin" ("Delyu the Outlaw" has disappeared), or sing some other favourite songs.

When the vocal cords require to be broken, tuck them into a comfortable corner of the sofa and watch the popular Bulgarian movie in the native language.

Perhaps you have discovered popular songs such as "Orkestar bez ime"(Orkestar bez ime) or "Whale" (Kit). Similarly, you can request the Easylore private bulgarian tutor online for any advice on enjoying Bulgarian culture in your living room.

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Easylore aims to make Bulagarian language learning as fun, simple, and convenient as possible. With various interactive learning methods and mini-games, you can engage yourself in Bulgarian only on your mobile phone.

If you are a beginner or need to study the fundamentals of the language, or are fluent and need to master your knowledge or learn high-level vocabulary, our learning platform can support you.

Traditional language courses can be tedious, boring, and not fun at all. Hence, we use games, puzzles, quizzes and challenges to guide you on how to learn, write and speak Bulgarian to make the learning process interesting.

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