Boxing Classes in Singapore

Unable to go to the gym? Or busy to find a boxing tutor in Singapore? Relax, we will bring the gym to you! Easylore provides online boxing classes which you can access anywhere. Learn exceptional boxing skills at home! The professional and accredited coaches of Easylore assures the learners to remain true to classic boxing. Their focus lies on the excellent workout without compromising the form. While staying true to the heart of boxing, we have integrated new flavours that remain unforgettable.   Our boxing lessons are not only for fighters who need training with true warrior intent however also for fighters who want to practice boxing as a fun way to lose a few pounds and remain healthy.

Learning Boxing Lessons In Singapore

Boxing is one of the traditional and most active martial arts. Using footwork, head movement, and punches, boxing is a rich science of hitting without even hitting. With the right body mechanics, boxing can produce powerful fists and perform beautiful dodge defences with high efficiency. Just like spinning sports, boxing has formally become a trending exercise activity. But in Singapore, people are spoiled when it is about choosing the boxing gym they need to sign up for. An excellent overall exercise can burn approximately 200 calories per class, which is an adequate way to make you healthier and lose weight at the same time. The major benefits of boxing are;
  • Minimize fat through excellent martial arts exercises
  • Train cardiovascular strength and strength more efficiently
  • Full body exercise, involving the entire lower body and upper body
  • Develop lean muscles that look particularly cut and broken
  • Obtain more confidence and spiritual strength
  • Release stress, rejuvenate, and improve energy levels
  • Fun and dynamic exercise for every age
  • Acquire self-defence to defend yourself and the loved ones
With the online boxing training classes in Singapore, you will experience the right training from famous names.  Easylore is proud to provide an elite boxing program for students who wish to learn boxing skills in Singapore. For those who urge to learn, our active professionals will work with them and develop their skills and strengthen thinking. We cultivate winners. Our boxing class is conducted in a secure and supportive atmosphere. 

Why Hire a Boxing Tutor From Easylore?

At Easylore, we provide the learners with solid basic skills and fundamental knowledge. Every individual training course is customized to accomplish fitness goals. Also, it improves your body shape, coordination and endurance. In our beginner boxing class, we mainly improve your skills and ensure progress. For the top students, we will give appropriate guidance in the intermediate boxing class to improve their skills to a new level. Technical, fun, and motivating, our boxing classes are, especially for every level. The details of interval training make you sweat; make sure to be stronger than when you initially.  Our widely recognized and effective boxers and fitness practitioners will help you become stronger, healthier, or technically proficient, thereby helping you achieve your goals. Our boxing tutors in Singapore will personally observe your goals, make plans for you, and monitor your progress. This class has more technical changes, partner exercises, and complex movements. It is suitable for children who can understand basic punches and movements and can follow the lesson well. Check out below how our boxing training sessions are different from others:

Learn actual boxing

We will disintegrate the anatomy of traditional boxing and dispersion technology-driven skills and match them with high-intensity group exercises for full physical exercise.

Complete bodywork

Boxing is a full-body exercise that can burn fat while strengthening muscles. The nature of boxing demands a lot of aerobic exercises.  This complicated workout is not possible with this much fun.

Group Environment

Group training will push you forward better than doing it alone. Let the energy in the room give you unprecedented power.

Training of all levels

We apprehend all have not the same fitness level, and it doesn’t matter. Our experienced tutors will serve you wholeheartedly. You will do your best and we will be in your corner for the entire 12 rounds.

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Fitness and learning boxing as self-defence can increase strength and addiction. Our passionate boxing tutors make your fitness and boxing trip worthwhile! Register now with us!