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Fundamentals of Botany

It is best to define the field of botany as "the scientific research of plants, with their structure, physiology, ecology, genetics, classification, economic and distribution importance".

Therefore, a botanist will be a tutor whose entire profession is dedicated to learning plants, how to crossbreed, how plants reproduce, and how to efficiently use plants in day to day life. Botany basically covers three topics:

Core topics

These are the basic processes and natural phenomena of plant life. They include the field of botany, such as epigenetics, cytology, plant taxonomy and plant genetics.

Applied topics 

These are used to analyse methods of using plants for the economic interests of forestry and agriculture. Few examples of applied topics are arboriculture, biotechnology, gardening, forestry, etc.

Organismal topics 

These are concentrated in flora, like, mosses, flowering plants, algae, etc. These will introduce mycology, botany (the study of algae), and cryptology (the study of mugwort and moss).

Botany Online Tuition Singapore

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Botany usually includes considering the evolution, chemistry, structure, and generative properties of plants. If you have trouble keeping up with the progress of the botany lesson, you should hire an expert from the pool of botany tutors. Below are the main areas the botany tutor includes:

  • Ethnobotany

  • Uses of plants

Online botany tutoring Singapore is very helpful as it allows the learners to work in their comfort zone. If students have difficulty distinguishing one plant from another, then tutor for botany online make you spend more time with them to study the differences between plants.

In addition, botany tutoring is essential as the tutor can encourage students to use the materials they have acquired. Botany online tuition Singapore can not only just make you understand plants in the textbooks, however even spend time with learners outside the classroom. Plant tutors can not only simply learn plants in textbooks, but also spend time with students outside of the classroom. The learners can actually perceive local plants in the natural environment, which may help distinguish them from each other.

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 Our botany tutor online is also very useful, as the tutor can find out where students are engaged in plants.  

After the tutor perceives what the learner is engaged in, it is apparent to try to discover ways to help the student remain engaged. Many students may have an interest in growing plants in the field, whereas others might be involved in discovering how specific plants can be used in the medical field.

Botany lessons online can assist with this because they can adjust the teaching methods to meet the interests of each student. In addition to studying the life cycle of plants, botany tutors can also assist students to study science comprehensively. Several scientific methods used in botany can be applied to different science fields as well. 

If learners have difficulty in botany, they may also have trouble in other science courses. Therefore, botany tutors can help students learn skills that may be useful in other courses. The online botany tutors assist the students to understand the skills that are beneficial in different courses as well. Hence, if you are searching for an online private botany tutor, then, Easylore is the name for you. We will assist you with the botany tutor who can help to the best.

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