Biology Tuition in Singapore

Is your child cramming and learning less in biology?  Does this complicated subject make them ignore other important subjects?

You should find a way to save quality time and improve their performance.  The bottom line lies in hiring the experienced online biology tutor.  

Choose a coach who can explain the biology content and teach your children the strategies to simplify the content-heavy syllabus.  Don't get panic, Easylore is here to take care of your concerns and provide you with the quality Biology tuition in Singapore.

Challenges Faced in Biology

Biology is an exciting subject that deals with understanding the scientific concepts behind life; however, it is also difficult to understand. The Ministry of Education (MOE) has lately made it a compulsory subject from P3 to Secondary Two.   

Reading information about biological, chemical reactions, cell formation, and studying plants and animals' composition is tedious. Every student learns biology in the same form. At the elementary level, biology is regarded as general science. In the higher grades of biology, the teaching of various branches of biology, like, zoology, botany, genetics, anatomy, etymology, etc. becomes more detailed.

With more topics and their subcategories, Biology becomes a tough and text-heavy subject to learn. Including more theory and extensive concepts, most of the students fail to grasp it once. Also, there is a fact that despite the difficulty of the subject, many find it interesting and pursue it. 

It is important to read through and retain a lot of information and know the question-and-answer techniques.  It demands a lot of effort and understanding be applied to daily life; this is where you need online biology tuition or biology tutor online.

Learning biology from the biology home tutor helps the children discover the different dimensions of the subject. Indeed, this will enable them to understand concepts and make them interested in all living things on earth.

Easylore can help students achieve their goals and complete the course study by providing biology tuition for students with "N", "O" and "A" levels.

Online Biology Tutors Available Now

Biology is the study of life, and is there anything more fascinating and riddled with mystery than life itself? Easylore provides those with a keen interest in learning the subject, with a platform that facilitates the study of biology in Singapore from our expert trainers. 

Biology can be an overwhelming subject to master, with several aspects branching out into the fields of plants, animals, evolutions, the study of cells, genetics etc. As such, you need an expert biology tutor to ensure the learning process is both easily comprehensive and efficient in its application. 

Now there are tons and tons of books, journals, and video content online to learn about biology. However, these sources seldom contain matter that is relevant today.

Learning in the biology class is not easy without the worksheets, lab reports and the chapter question that your teachers give as homework.  When you consider these factors, biology seems totally overwhelmed- for first-year undergraduates or high school students. 

Easylore's online biology tutors can provide homework assistance whenever you require it. They are available 24X7 and can help you solve biology homework, science projects or exam preparation. What more- you can take assistance from the tutor anytime whenever you are stuck in between. Private biology tuition in Singapore is handy in many ways:

Versatile teaching

Entirely focus on high-quality teaching for one student at a time.

Conducive learning

Online Biology tutoring takes students to their comfortable place.

Special study materials

Students have the privilege to obtain notes and techniques that help them surpass their peers.


Students can use their time with the biology tutor to get the special learning assistance they require.

Improved confidence

They gain joy, inner peace and confidence after understanding and succeeding in the learning. 

Win over fear

Knowing that they can ask their questions to their private biology tutor, they defeat their fear and feel positive.

Easylore, #1 Biology Online Tuition in Singapore

If you need a home tutor for biology in Singapore that assures, convenience, responsive and high-quality services, then you are on the right page. Easylore is here for students and parents in getting the best assistance in biology.

From A-level biology tuition at junior college to O-level middle school biology, we have many qualified teachers willing to give home tuition services anywhere in Singapore.

We are providing online learning classes for years, and many concerned parents came to us, wondering if their children needed tuition. To assure yourself that how students under us become proficient in GCE' N', 'O', or 'A' level Biology exams, read on:

  • Our biology tutors are experienced and qualified. They have the aptitude and knowledge for teaching students and nurturing interested students.
  • The online biology tutor has great teaching experience for 'A' or 'O' levels. 
  • Many of them come from prestigious schools and provide tuition as part-time jobs.
  • The private tutors have complete knowledge of the subject and use the correct keywords so that students can score well in the exams.
  • By trying the maximum number of questions in the shortest time, students are taught time management skills to grow their performance in the test.

Get Excellence in Biology With Easylore

Our biology tutor online has the appropriate knowledge of the subject, and on this basis, they took the lead in conducting a comprehensive session, which is both useful and interesting. 

With Easylore, you can choose the course you want to take, the place to conduct the classes, and fix the personal conditions if any. We definitely abide by all your requirements and give you the best learning experience.  Like other subjects, learning biology is a cumulative process that needs and discipline to master and a lot of patience. 

Fortunately, Easylore is the home of the active Biology tutors in Singapore. With their discipline and insight, you can master biology at the end of the training program.

Reduce your child’s workload with best biology tuition in Singapore, and give them the tips to become an expert in Biology, register with us today!