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Discover new billiard skills or improve the existing ones. Started from group training to private snooker training plans, Easylore tailors courses according to the proficiency and needs of individual students.

It does not take a lot of time to learn how to play billiards. You do not have to worry about tedious practice procedures and exercises! And, it does not require you to play for 12 hours to learn. 

Learn how to play is faster and easier than you think with Easylore! With our online billiards lesson experts, you can learn to play billiards quickly and improve your skill level in less time.

You will receive professional mechanics, internal secrets of the game, and understand powerful defensive and offensive skills. You will acquire the easiest, fastest and most reliable way to play billiards and know how to perform break, bank, jump and masse.

Billiard Lessons for Beginners

Billiards, also termed cue sports, requires the use of a cue (pool cue) to play pool balls about a cloth-covered table including a bumper. This type of table is described as a Pool Table. Billiard games and tables sometimes have pockets, sometimes they don't.

There are various billiard games, with different objectives and rules, suitable for two types of tables (with or without pockets). Carom billiards belong to the games without pockets, and billiards leads to games with pockets. 8-Ball is one of the most famous pool games in the pocket table pool hall.

​Why learn to billiards tutors in Singapore?

You may not believe billiards as an extremely active sport, it does help your health. You burn calories when you move around on the table.

Billiards players also require great flexibility and balance, both of which can encourage core muscle groups, reconcile different muscle groups and bring more regular physical fitness. Billiards is also a strategy game, which suggests that it can render good mental exercise for the brain. The game of billiards requires physics and geometry.

When you plan to exercise, visualize the angle of tilting the lens, and calculate the physical principles of momentum, speed and direction in your mind, your brain will become sharper and more active.

The game of billiards is very interesting. They can play solo, singles, and even doubles. If winning is relevant to you, then you must follow this game of skill in advance. The most reliable way to increase the skills is to practice with online billiards lessons.

How Online Billiards Lessons Work?


Find your ideal billiard teacher in 3 minutes. We help to get the right Billiards Tutors in Singapore.


Your online billiards course will encourage, support and encourage you. Join with your online billiards lessons connect or in-person with them online from everywhere in the globe!


Each online billiards class is customized to support your growth. Under the personal guidance of a billiard tutor online, learning is faster and easier than ever.

Easylore: Best online billiards classes

Of course, you can discover many free billiard tutorials and courses online, however, the most reliable way to learn to play billiard is to contact a private billiard coach.

In billiard lessons for beginners, you will get the instructor’s full attention and personalized guidance and tutoring, which is not feasible in a larger classroom environment or online video. When you get instant review and corrections, you will overcome personal challenges and develop swiftly.

In addition, each private lesson is different. The teacher will completely customize each course according to the student's aims, benefits, favoured learning style and knowledge level. For example, billiards courses for adults are quite different from billiards courses for children in terms of course content and teaching methods.

Regardless of your skill level or age, as long as you learn at a speed that suits you, you will remain interested and motivated.

How to Find a Billiard Tutor Near Me

Are you ready to join a billiards tournament or wow your associates at the pool hall? Then, now, you can sign up for the online billiards classes from the billiards tutors in Singapore. Discovering the right connection is easy with Easylore!

A responsive search will take you to a long list of more skilled and qualified billiards tutors who give courses online and face-to-face to students of all ages and skills. We also recommend you check other profiles and feedback from our existing customers.

You will notice that while learning new strategies, techniques and seeing your own skills improve rapidly, investing in private billiards courses from Easylore will be of great benefit!