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Easylore is an online learning platform designed for connecting learners with dedicated Arabic-speaking tutors. Our overall aim is to equip our learners with the knowledge and skills necessary for daily Arabic conversation and reading comprehension. 

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Learn Arabic Lessons in Singapore

Arabic is a classical language and the 6th most spoken language by more than 200 million people. Learning Arabic unlocks numerous possibilities to expand your business and cultural limits. Whether you’re a parent to enrich their child’s education in Arabic or a college-going student looking for a language elective, hiring professional Arabic tutors online will make your life easier when it comes to communicating with people in any Arabic speaking country. 

In Singapore, people prefer to learn the Arabic language online for several reasons: travel, work, understanding, religious purposes, etc.

Since the Arab economy has established a steady growth, people are moving to Arab countries for career prospects. Even knowing the Arabic language allows you to communicate with the locals to understand their unique culture and traditions better. If you have family or friends from an Arab country, learning Arabic gives you a chance to build strong connections with them. Joining the Arabic lessons in Singapore unlocks the door to step into many other languages, including Persian, Urdu, Turkish and Hebrew.

By keeping such factors in mind, Easylore comes up with the best Arabic tutors for their learners. Once you team up with our active Arabic speaker, you won't only get mastered in a basic vocabulary. But, it also enables you to communicate confidently and speak this excellent language accurately. It doesn’t only end here! We track students' general progress and to understand - are our applied learning strategies working accordingly?

Why Enrol in Arabic Lessons Online in Singapore

Before engaging yourself in learning a different language, the first step towards it to focus on vocabulary, verb conjugation, grammar, sentence structure, and, of course, practice, practice, and practice. And, it's quite challenging for native English or other language speakers to quicken the learning process of the Arabic language. There are a lot of factors that need to consider:

  • Arabic completely equips with new alphabets.

  • Every single word in Arabic is a new word. There is almost no shared vocabulary between Arabic and Latin-based languages.

  • To speak Arabic, you require a highly inflectional tongue. Subject, case, tense, number and mood are dictated by how you turn your tone.

  • Ten usual verb patterns are available in Arabic. So, students must understand the conjugation and vocalization of active and passive voices.

  • Plurals and their dealings with numbers are more complex as compared to those used in English.

Seems like a little difficult!

Thanks to the online tutors in Singapore, learners will be able to build fluency and confidence through Arabic classes that are effective and provide the motivation they need to succeed. 

How Easylore Is An Excellent Choice For Learning Arabic

Whether you are already fluent and simply looking to improve your skills or want to start from zero, Easylore presents an opportunity to open yourself up to an online Arabic course. Our highly-proficient, experienced, and well-versed Arabic tutors help to improve all four language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. We teach Arabic online to both primary and high school students. Our Arabic tutoring platform is totally user-friendly and easily accessible and connects you with the best Arabic tutors easily. 

Once you sign-up and choose your course, you can proceed at your own pace and concentrate on the Arabic sessions you want to learn. Our online trainers will analyse your level of knowledge in the language and provide a personalized approach to reach your expectations. 

Doesn't matter - what are your needs? Easylore will quickly connect you with the tutors depending on your needs and goals. In our online Arabic classes for kids, the trainers will create a customized Arabic study program, depending on each child's learning technique and speed. We offer a diversity of engaging topics that make the process of learning Arabic more effective. 

In our Arabic session programs, the child will receive methodical and well-organized training in four phases - listening,  reading, speaking, and writing. Learning Arabic at Easylore is one of the best decisions you make for your children’s future.

Why Choose Easylore?

After earning a lot of experience in the industry, we analysed that students face bad experience in the classrooms and fail to grasp the required knowledge.

But, with the emergence of online Arabic classes, the tutors provide students with the right knowledge. They assure taking the beginner to an advanced level of understanding with the personalized learning experience. Enrolling on Arabic classes in Singapore adds the best possible chance of reaching goals. As you step into our online learning platform, your child will achieve numerous benefits:

  • Native Arabic Tutors 

Our native Arabic trainers are highly-skilled and experienced to provide excellent knowledge on - how to learn letters and form those letters into words, plus how to form sentences. Hence, you learn the proper syntax and grammar structure of Arabic.

  • Help In Arranging Schedule

Joining online Arabic classes with Easylore to schedule your lessons according to the preferred time. 

  • Provide a Personalized Approach

Our strategic plan over Arabic tuition in Singapore works according to the student's requirements and specific learning stage. With one-to-one communication feature, an Arabic tutor provides sole attention to you instead of the whole class.

  • Tailor-Made Classes 

Easylore provides the full convenience to get access to tailor-made lessons addressed by our best and experienced private Arabic tutors in Singapore. So, get ready to learn Arabic at your home comfort rather than joining classes in-person.

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Learning Arabic can be challenging! After all, mastering the language requires years of study. But if you dedicate yourself, gaining abilities becomes easy. So, register with us to begin the journey of learning Arabic!