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Dr SNG BEE BEE is currently a Lecturer in Research Methodology and Academic Writing Skills in the local universities in Singapore. She graduated with a Doctorate in Education specializing in Education Management from the Leicester University, UK. and a Masters of Arts specializing in English Studies from National University of Singapore. She has taught government officials from Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Singapore in the Centre for Continuing Education and S Rajaratnam School of International Studies in Nanyang Technological University. In addition, she has worked as a full-time lecturer in NTU for 9 years when she taught Communication Skills to engineering students. Her research interests are educational change, English Language Teaching and Social Media.

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This course introduces learners to the basic tools; strokes and colours in Chinese painting. The learners learn to create simple artworks of Chinese Painting.

This course introduces learners to the key principles of communication, both oral and written, needed at work.

This course introduces learners to research skills needed for all disciplines in university studies.



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