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"Certified tutor with 12 years of experience in teaching Phonics and reading"

I have a passion for teaching kids and an experience of eleven years in teaching phonics, reading, and storytelling.
I have the knowledge of teaching online classes and also making videos.
I believe in giving a strong basic foundation to younger kids along with fun activities can be a stepping stone to a wonderful learning journey in the child’s life.
I want to be a facilitator, a guide, and love to play an important role in the child’s journey of education.

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English-Phonics and Reading

Phonics is a method of teaching children to read by linking sounds (phonemes) and the symbols that represent them (graphemes, or letter groups). Phonics is the learning-to-read method. A phoneme is the smallest unit of sound that distinguishes one word from another word in a language. Recognition and sounds of alphabets, reading of words and […]

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Roopa D.
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