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  • Podcast Launch Strategies
  • You can learn one on one or we need to have a minimum of 5 pax for group training sessions.
$ 100.00 5hr

Actionable step-by-step guide:

Day 0 Types of equipment required

Day 1 Gain clarity on four W’s

Day 2 Show name, description and publicity sheet

Day 3 Trailer script based on Russell Brunson’s Epiphany bridge script 

Day 4 Intro, outro, and music.

Day 5 Bold branding.

Day 6 Catch-up day

Day 7 Catch-up day

Day 8 Content creation strategy

Day 9 Plan your launch strategically 

Day 10 Batching content and mini launch episodes.

Day 11 Big fish and iTunes account

Day 12 Submitting tailor on podcasting platform

Day 13 Catch-up day

Day 14 Catch-up day

Day 15 Final pieces


  • How to start the podcast from scratch with zero technical know-how.
  • Know that podcast is the future.
  • Equipment required and DIY techniques for recording the podcast.
  • Deciding the show name and writing killer show description
  • Creating a well-researched and proven publicity sheet.
  • Guidelines on podcast assets like graphics and show description.
  • Outlining trailer, intro & outro scripts, selecting music and recordings guidelines.
  • Strategy to create high-quality content.
  • Batching your recordings to create weeks of content.
  • Understanding various platforms to publish a podcast.
  • Launching your podcast and creating hype on social media.
  • Launch your podcast successfully and learn how to track your rankings for social proofs.
  • Batching content and creating mini launch episodes.
  • Monetizing your podcast.




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