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Stretching, deep breathing & meditation are the answers to a better, healthier body and mind! To book a class, please send me a message thruough easylore.com chat

I was first introduced to yoga practice in the early 2000s. As the tension and stress started to build up while working in the highly demanding Wealth Management industry, I turned to vigorous exercises, often with a few back-to-back weight training sessions, cardio workouts and yoga classes non-stopped as a way to de-stress. While I did gain a lot of strength and lost some weight, I also realised that I was experiencing a burnout. I started to look for ways to regain my balance. I took up Meditation workshops, Veg Nutrition & Advanced Healing courses and Yoga Teacher training (YTT)- the start of a never-ending journey within.

I learnt to listen more into my own body and inner voice/heart and to trust the body for its self-healing capability, bolstered by efforts towards physical and emotional health. Most of all, I have learnt that “Less is more! “.
It is my wish to share the beauty of Yoga & Meditation, Nutrition and Wellness to as many people as possible & inspire others to live a healthier lifestyle. As a teacher, I continue to learn so much more from my students.

“I am here to plant a seed, if it is meant to grow, it will.”

My classes focus on body alignment, breathing, creating body awareness and space in our body and mind. A safe and mindful practice, cultivating compassion & acceptance are my priorities. Most Importantly, to bring ‘Mindfulness’ into our day to day Life!

Like the famous quote from The Bhagavad Gita:

“Yoga is the journey of the Self, through the Self, to the Self.”

Type of Classes I teach:
– Hatha Yoga – Yin Yoga – Yin Yang – Yoga Therapy – Gentle Yoga. – Meditation. – Yoga Nidra

If this resonates with you, do get in touch with me for any group classes, corporate classes or private group as well as private one to one sessions. Both physical and Online sessions can be arranged too. Contact me for more details.

-200 hours Yoga Teacher Training
-Backache Management (Yogic Method)
-100 hours Yin Yoga Teacher Training
-50-hour Yoga Therapy (CET)
-Various workshops and trainings by renowned teachers like Jason Crandell, Mahayogi Gokul Jani Jaatinen & etc
-Meditation workshops & training
-Qigong training

-TCM Health Management Practitioner


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Courses & Prices

Private practice online at the comfort of your own home at your preferred times.

Yoga (Hatha/Yin/Yin Yang)
$ 150.00 1hr 9min
Yoga Nidra
$ 150.00 1hr
$ 150.00 1hr


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