Chess is more than just a game, and those who indulge in its highly consuming structure will testify to it. It is a game that puts heavy emphasis on your psychological ability to outsmart your opponent. As such, it is one of the humanities greatest artistic and scientific achievement. No wonder why many would love to master this strategic board game. We at Easylore bring to you a platform that allows you to learn Chess in Singapore from our expert trainers with utmost convenience. We are home to amazing chess tutors that understand the game inside and out, and thus device classes that are comprehensively effective while never compromising on the thrill of playing Chess. Our online tutors spearhead classes that bequeath you with all the fundamental aspects of chess, and arm you with strategies, that with time can turn you into an expert chess player. Our trainers are intuitive enough to analyze your strengths and weaknesses to design a course structure that best suits the student. With Easylore, you decide the class you would like to take, decide where you would like the classes conducted, and determine your personal conditions for the class if any. We will make sure that your conditions are abided by our chess tutors in Singapore as per your convenience, thus making sure you have the best possible learning experience with us. Chess is a game that requires substantial amount of patience and discipline to master. Our chess tutors ensure these qualities are inculcated in you in the duration of the course, so you can eventually go toe to toe with other experts of the game and have a thrilling session of Chess.