At first glance, baseball may appear to be a sport that is difficult to understand and with very complex rules. It is actually a simple game, played by two teams of 9 players each and divided into attack and defense phases. When each of the two teams has completed an offensive round and a defensive round, an inning or restart is said to have ended. In a match, 9 innings are played without time limits, and in the event of a tie, there are as many additional innings as needed to declare one of the two teams winning. In turn, there will be all the players of a team in the role of batters who will aim to score as many points as possible and on the other, the defenders will field a pitcher (the most important role), a receiver (who is crouched behind the plate and is the real director of the team), 3 men defending the pillows (first, second and third base), one man between second and third base (called shortstop), and 3 outside. A point is scored when an attacker (a batter) completes the round of bases and returns to "home plate".