About Us

The two co-founders designed the project as a grassroots initiative. The idea was born from a family need when, for our kids, we began a search on the web for Tutors, specifically Chinese, who were available for face-to-face or online lessons. The difficulties encountered planted the seed of an idea on a continuum of learning. We felt that this was an important need to be fulfilled by many families in Singapore including, those with kids with special needs. The founders have dedicated several years, during their professional career, to design projects dedicated to kids with special needs and have gained knowledge and increased understanding of their needs in the process.
Our vision is to simplify access to greater learning opportunities for all the families, with personalized and professional support; a community of highly specialized professionals provides tutoring sessions in a vast array of subjects, including sports and music.
The online platform is designed to identify specialized and professional tutors in different disciplines, with simple and user-friendly features, enabling each student to select the most suitable coaching experience based on individual needs.
Our motto is: “Every tutor shapes your life” and we would like to be part of this important journey with you!